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What you must first understand is that atheists simply don't conclude, "I want God to know I don't believe in him." It's far more complex than that. Not only do atheists reject the Word of God, we reject any entity of every known religion that is believed to have created the known Universe. Not simply because we want to believe that, but because there is no evidence to suggest such an entity exists or that any religion is true. Therefore, we are saying that Christianity and every other organized religion is science FICTION. That it is no different that believing in Santa Clause, Mufasa from the Lion King or Zeus from Greek Mythology.

Based on the lack of evidence that these beings exist, rational human beings accept the statement that they do not exist. The god of Christianity and other religions is among those fantasy beings. The Bible is not truth, it is a collection of writings completed by men to serve a purpose. To compel, to ensnare, to recruit, convert, enslave, condemn, among a multitude of other reasons. Essentially, men wrote it for their own purposes. And today, it stands as one of the most influential pieces of fiction the world has ever seen, along with the Qur'an and other religious texts that people believe to be real.

We could easily say that Poseiden is punishing us for committing sins by causing storms and floods. And that's exactly the type of thinking the ancient Greeks had. Today, however, no one in their right mind would believe Poseiden is real or punishing us for behaviour we assume he would consider unnacceptable. So if we reject this conclusion about an ancient Greek god, then why is it that so many people don't see that the God of Christianity and the gods and goddesses of other religions are the same? That's a million dollar question and I could offer up many plausible reasons. I hope that time and knowledge will eventually free all theists from their blindness. Monotheists already reject the gods of religions they don't accept as truthful, one day they will realize that fallacy exists within their own religion as well.

It would do us all a great benefit to stop putting our understanding of moral behaviour into the hands of a make-believe entity floating above us in the sky. It's time to evolve and move forward as individuals and as members of a global civilization. Moral behaviour can be understood without fantasy, fear and irrational condemnation. Logic, reason and free thought are the only light at the end of this dark tunnel and it's where we need to go.

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