Fighting Undeserved Judgement, Part II

"In part two of my response to Mr. Pavely's letter about gay people being accepted into society as a negative and harmful thing, I would like to start with his reference to Matthew 18:6, which according to the American Standard Version of the Bible says, "But whoso shall cause one ...

Fighting Undeserved Judgement, Part I

This is Kephen Merancis and I am responding through the blog entry because the News Tribune seems to be reluctant to post my response to Mr. Pavely... "I am writing a two part response to Mr. Pavely, who wrote that he thinks gay people living out in the open is ...

In response to Wanda Roam

Wanda, What you must first understand is that atheists simply don't conclude, "I want God to know I don't believe in him." It's far more complex than that. Not only do atheists reject the Word of God, we reject any entity of every known religion that is believed to have ...

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