Mark Pavely sounds like a good Christian man. However, about the only thing he got right in his letter "Obama's oil policy misguided" is that our nation is in a state of decline. Congress prevents drilling in ANWR, and even if we could drill there, we would not make our country independent of Middle East oil. Oil production in the US peaked in 1970, and we now import about 2/3 of the oil we use on a daily basis. Even if the oil fields he mentioned could produce the difference quickly (they can't) the enivronmental impacts are even more dangerous. Fracking has proven extremely damaging to the environment, and one our current largest suppliers, the tar sands in Canada, is another environmental disaster. Google images of the operations in Canada and search for information about the deadly impacts. Furthermore, there is wide consensus among scientists that climate change is real, and the evidence continues to build everyday. I know it's a difficult subject to grasp, and some seek to cast doubt because the answer uppends their world view. The reason we stay in denial is because the truth is unpalatable. We expect infinite growth in a finite world. It's simply not possible. The truth is that oil demand now outpaces supply. Since everything relies on oil at some point, we can expect higher prices and a continued decline in living standards. We should stop praying for salvation from our misguided abuse of nature, and get busy embracing alternatives to our current system, whether it's food production or fossil fuels. Look at the castrophe in Japan for an example of how we've made our lives more difficult by thinking we can engineer solutions by employing risky practices like nuclear energy or deepwater drilling.
If you want to honor God, start living a life that requires less energy. The Lord gave us domain over the planet earth, and we've not done a good job protecting the gift. Instead, we seek to deplete every last resource until there's nothing left. What would the apostles say about that?

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Your Opinion: Obama’s oil policy misguided

Dear Editor: It should be becoming obvious to most Americans that our nation is in a state of decline. We could call it a case of national suicide. Barack Hussein Obama prohibits American oil companies from extracting oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).


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