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Trying to buy a Vote.

Nixon was the schmuck that took the day away in the first place and then tried to take away Truman Day in May from State workers. And while the State wrokers had to work the last several years or take vacation at Thanksgiving, the legislative brach and governor's staff were ...



MoDOT intended to hire contractors for snow removal this year. The bids they received for the work were overwhelmingly more than they anticipated. It seems that the contractors had to cover the high costs they would need to bear for liability insurance to plow snow. So instead MoDOT is resorting ...



MoDOT's management intended to hire contractors for part of the snow removal this year due to a shortage of maintenance workers (more have left than they expected after their workforce reduction started). When they solicited bids for snow removal, they came in too high. They are now resorting to hiring ...

Swampyville's - You're the Poet - "I Heard the Robin Sing"

Swampyville's - "Begin the Beguine"

You're the Poet! Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words. Bath, go, house, know, mouse, wrath. Begin the Beguine! By L. Don Oliver A flight of scavengers, Circling above my __; I Can't smell any odor, Perhaps an unlucky __; Their choice of ...



MoDOT's website and policies profess valuing their workforce. In the past, there was at least some attempt to live up to those values, perhaps because of the old school employees who thought of MoDOT with a sense of people caring about and helping one another. Now its a different story. ...



MoDOT's leaders want to save face. They don't want to go down in history as the only administration entrusted with Missouri's highways that could not afford the state match to receive federal funds. Good enough. But I think it's a great injustice for them to come up with the money ...


I Cry Over MoDOT's Spilled Milk

MoDOT tends to have a hard time admitting to mistakes. Selling bonds was apparently considered a mistake in 2003 when they stopped before selling half of all they were authorized to sell. Only a year later, Amendment 3 was passed, and with the new money available to them, MoDOT obligated ...


A Facebook Exchange With MoDOT

Freddie Beechwood on Tuesday, Aug 23, 2011 It's my understanding that the Highway Commission sold bonds to enable a construction boom the last several years. I read that $2.2 billion in interest will now be owed on the bonds over the next 20 years. Why were these taxpayer dollars intentionally ...



During MoDOT's recent accelerated projects, some questionable practices took place. For example, millions were handed out to contractors in bonuses, and agreements were made obligating MoDOT to pay millions of dollars to partners if projects weren't completed by the promised dates. The following case was written in a Hannibal newspaper ...


The Truth about Amendment 3's Redirected Vehicle Taxes

People may think that MoDOT's money problems are due to decreased tax revenue from gasoline sales and increased highway costs. That's correct to a point, but the mismanagement of state funds has resulted in much greater losses. The ballot language for Missouri's 2004 Amendment 3 stated "Shall the Missouri Constitution ...


MoDOT - Selling Bonds is Bad, So Let's Do It Again..and Again!

In March 2004, newspapers reported that MoDOT blamed their previous selling of "Senior Lien" bonds as the reason they were dangerously low on funds, so they had wisely stopped selling the bonds in 2003 at $907 million of the $2.25 billion authorized, leaving them with payments of $75 million a ...


Why MoDOT Management Has It Out For Their Employees

In a recent blog entry, I mentioned that MoDOT management would like to eliminate their mandatory contribution to the retirement fund, and that I would go into this more in another entry. MoDOT management threw a fit regarding a shortfall in the retirement system funds in October 2009. Mostly due ...


STATE WORKERS - Senate Hearing Aug 15 2011 on making cuts

To State Employees - It's ugly, it's heartless, it's unethical, and it's walking a thin legal line !! BEWARE, because the Missouri State Senate is looking at bringing it your way. The "it" monster is MoDOT's Bolder Five Year Plan. The Senate Governmental Accountability Committee is scheduled on Aug 15 ...


A Waste of State Highway Funds

MoDOT got itself into significant debt. They will pay over $2.2 billion in interest on the bonds they sold. They are now turning to massive cuts have their match to receive federal funds.

Swampyville's - You're the Poet - "I Heard the Robin Sing"

Swampyville's - "The Banshee's Cry"

You're the Poet! Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words. By, cry, find, fro, go, me, mind, see. The Banshee's Cry! (The Death of a Nation) By L. Don Oliver Walking down a darkened street, Within the silence of my _; Searching for ...

Swampyville's - You're the Poet - "I Heard the Robin Sing"

Swampyville's - You're the Poet - "I Heard the Robin Sing"

You're the Poet! Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words. Apart, charity, harmony, sing, sleep, spring, weep. I Heard the Robin Sing! by L. Don Oliver When I was the innocent one, One morning in early ___; No thought of true reason, I ...


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