There has been a discussion on the Conference Center but Mr Stallman's ascertain that " a majority of the people attending the town halls do not want a conference center", is just wrong. my understanding is that the mayor proposed an option to use the stream of funding from the lodging tax over the next 20-25 years and offer that resouce to a developer who would build the center adjacent to a hotel and operate it with out further subsidy for maintenance, operation or utilites. All but a few of the attendees supported that approach. Mr Stallman should retreat from his simple minded view of these issues and take more ownership in getting to the real iformation before making public statements that are clearly not true. Use your flaslight to get the facts about these things before you react in the dark....it makes for much better public discourse.

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Your Opinion: Stop conference center planning

The Feb. 7 vote settled the issue on whether the taxpayers of our city wanted a convention center; 61 percent voted no. The convention center issue was the big draw for the no voters. They hated it.

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