xfatman 2 years, 10 months ago on Columbia offers blueprint for gaining support for new school

First of all Columbia has 4 High Schools Hickman, Douglass, Rock Bridge and now Battle. Second if you think the education level at these schools is the same think again.... Third If you think the Social Economic back ground of these students are even close think again.. Last if you think these graduates are treated different based on what school they attended you are correct!!!!! So before wanting to split your community you might take a strong and deep look at these multiple school towns actually work and how their graduates are treated in real life.


xfatman 2 years, 11 months ago on Conference center plans to be unveiled

In the last week a big curve-ball has been thrown at the gang both the St Mary's site and now the Truman Hotel are in official play. Big problem, let me explain: the St. Mary's site give the downtowner's fits "it does not flood". the Truman Hotel extreme visibility and access along with a group of "lower price' option hotels for the budget priced attendees pushes it to the head of the class.

Now for my big question why has not Indoor Track facility been considered in this new "conference - convention" elephant.... in Columbia they are spending all kinds of $$ and do not even have close to a National Power House, sorry coach Earleywine, Lincoln has..... and athletic events of National levels bring in the $$$$....


xfatman 3 years, 2 months ago on Eugene superintendent to retire

Sad to see Mark go he has served the Eugene system extremely well... Quite a balancing act growth but yet maintaining the small School District Feel and style "were everybody knows your name" .