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2 suspects in custody after social media threat at Eldon High School August 29, 2014


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on McCaskill waits tables to emphasize student loans

What a sham! It's also disgusting that McCaskill would run ads by rape victims, talk about opportunist. The Democrats continue to crucify Mr. Akin for his stupid statement, yet they put Bill Clinton out there every time you turn around and he actually abused women, physically and mentally, what hypocrites!! Claire needs to go!!!!!!!


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on Mormonism, voter enthusiasm concern evangelicals

We are a country founded on freedom of religion and should not be judging someone based on religion. You judge a candidate by the "content of his character", his unique qualifications and experiences. In other words, ministers that try to suppress voter turnout or tell someone who they should or not vote for should be ashamed of themselves and ask forgiveness because they are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ.


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on New Bloomfield water tower needs repairs

For a water tower to deteriorate in 6 years I find highly unusual. I'd contact the company that built the tank and the workers who were supposed to be maintaining it and find out what the heck happened.


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on Opinion: The concept of merit

We are supposed to be "race" neutral, all persons being equal and using someone's race is "racist".


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on Republicans hammer State witnesses on Libya attack

Watched the entire hearing, DOS and the Administration should hang their heads in shame, Ms. Lamb testified that she was in constant contact during the attack and the aftermath yet she still refused to call it what it was, a terrorist attack, she kept looking over to Amb. Kennedy when asked a question and even Amb. Kennedy after the attack briefed congressional aides that it was a terrorist attack, yet stood by UN Amb. Rice's statement. It was clear they were trying to throw Mr. Nordstrom under the bus, shame on everyone involved with trying to silence those who blew the whislte.


wyriontair 1 year, 10 months ago on In coal country, a show of solidarity takes root

The coal industry has been desiminated, the EPA under the Obama administration has made sure their attempts at the failed "green" energy take precedence over jobs and low cost energy, just as a reminder, those "electric cars" are charged mainly by coal plants. Could they improve the emissions, sure, but emissions can be curbed on other things too. Because of this administrations policies, the cost of electricity, gas, food, and many of the other everyday items has increased and jobs have been lost. As the daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, niece and cousin of miners in WVA and PENN I support those miners and their families and hope they get their jobs back not only to help them make their living and care for their families and communities but for all of us.


wyriontair 1 year, 11 months ago on Mo. tobacco tax backers plan school bus tour

Just another intrusion into the lives of Americans. The schools do not need more money, what they are looking for is more revenue to fill teachers pockets and pay for more benefits, NOT improving schools by getting rid of bad teachers. I also find it interesting that more children use alcohol than smoke yet you never hear anyone wanting to raise taxes on that.


wyriontair 1 year, 11 months ago on Election 'mania' missing on college campuses

It's clear by some posts that some voters are not doing their homework on what's happened in this country and the type of person Obama really is, some think he's just so appealing, a rock star, a great speaker. Obama is a "snake oil" salesman. Quit watching the late night comedy shows and listening to "movie stars" and "pop stars" telling you who to vote for and research yourself. The last straw was the attack in Libya when he sent out the UN Ambassador and the WH Spokesperson to tell the world it was a "spontaneous" attack, blaming it on a movie trailer on the net that very few people had seen, decrying the "video" as an insult to a certain religious sect, yet, said not one word was said about the vile and disgusting video of our Ambassador Stevens being dragged from the consulate, his clothes torn and these sub-human disgusting persons laughing and enjoying themselves. The president still has not acknowledged the attack as a "terrorist" attack. His speech to the UN was another "apology" to the world for all that ails it and he seems to think he is president of the world and everyone should just do what he says. Wake up before our country is destroyed.