vorpalrbit 3 years ago on Luetkemeyer seeks federal answers on Revenue issue

Did Jackie Bemboom committ purgury in her testimony in Stoddard County? Bemboom and another DOR official repeatedly testified that they were not sharing CCW information with outside entities including the federal government. MSHP testified in the Senate Appropriations hearing that the only person they discussed the CCW information with that they provided to the federal government was JACKIE BEMBMOON. Another subpoena needs to be issued to the Office of Administration to find which IT staff worked on the file that was prepared under Bemboom's order. OA keeps a very detailed data base of all work orders are are very strict with state agencies about not performing any IT work without it. Bemboom's email records with AAMVA and MSHP need to be subpoened also.

"Time after time, the Department of Revenue reassured us and said there is nothing [to the allegations]," Oliver said. "They repeatedly said the information is safe and is not going anywhere outside this state."

During a Stoddard County hearing requesting an injunction in the case, it was stated repeatedly that the information was not being sent to the federal government.

The recent hearing revealed that may not have been accurate.

"At our hearing in March, Jackie Bemboom with DOR testified about the security of the information," Oliver said Friday morning. "She testified about where it was going and not going. That information has now been proven to be false."

He accused the department of "spreading falsehoods" regarding the use of the information they are requesting from individuals applying for concealed carry permits.


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Gracia is a liberal blow hard. Really hard to believe Callaway County put her in office for so long. I'm sure her mouth got her in trouble, she was so full of herself. Nixon is ridding his administration of liabilities for a presidential or VP run. DOR is next with the CCW mess created there.