two_cents_worth 4 years, 7 months ago on Phone fix announced

I suspect it was the FBI/Homeland Security's software & hardware that's used to track & record suspect or dangerous calls. Instead of routing calls to be tracked and/or recorded it was just jumbling up the numbers. Hard tellin' how many random & innocent calls are now permanently stored on the FBI's servers. Or how many dangerous calls were missed. Of course, innocent calls would end up being gathered in the net anyway. Is this a great country or what?


two_cents_worth 4 years, 9 months ago on Nixon’s appointment, big salary for Nietzel stirs concern, dissatisfaction

Of course, Mr. Nietzel will be doing the actual physical work of 4 state employees to justify his salary...right?

Just think of how much the state will save in employee benefits...


two_cents_worth 4 years, 10 months ago on Mock-ups of St. Mary’s new hospital rooms guide planning

Looks like a hospital room from Soviet Russa...or North Korea...Iran?

Why would they publish a picture like that...future hospital room? Mock-up or not...what were they thinkin'!!?


two_cents_worth 4 years, 11 months ago on Gainers vs. losers: Some state agencies grew substantially

With a gain in jobs of over 100% the past decade, you would think Facilities (OA) could do a little better job of maintaining the grounds at the state buildings.

The grounds at the ES building on Dunklin looks like abandoned property. They did manage to cut the 'field of weeds' last week...first time in 3 weeks it was cut...though brush still lays everywhere & weeds (now small bushes) grow in the parking lots.

I'm not just talkin' about the areas that were under construction either...


two_cents_worth 4 years, 11 months ago on Drawings of new hospital offer look at future

Goodness! Looking at these drawings, I predict higher health insurance rates in our future...


two_cents_worth 4 years, 11 months ago on Mo. lawmakers resolve to improve streets for bicycles, pedestrians

That would be a welcome change.

Currently on my bike rides to & from work I do NOT feel safe, secure, or welcome on our city streets.

It doesn't seem to matter that I follow all the rules of the road.


two_cents_worth 4 years, 12 months ago on Jefferson City district considers next generation of secondary schools

Sounds great...'til we get the tax bill. It's easy to see that these options will cost at least half again more than what we're paying in taxes now. And probably way beyond that.

Upgrades and changes are needed in the schools...but wholesale changes & plans like these are 'pie in the sky' expensive.

I would much rather see my money spent on student and parental accountability as well as practical applications and training for today's society.

I would also like to see it spent more wisely. Paying for one 'facilitator' to teach one 'disadvantaged' child is terribly expensive and creates quite a disadvantage for the rest of our children. Money spent per child on the disadvantaged kids is far higher than the mainstream kids these days and it's beginning to hurt. America is falling behind because of these programs. Other countries simply use their money more thriftly.

I don’t mean to sound cold-hearted…I am not. These are great programs for the disadvantaged kids. But the education system has shown time & again they can’t make this work by throwing money at it. We’re starting to slight the mainstream kids…our kids.

Spread the money around a bit more evenly PER CHILD and I think we can watch wonders grow.


two_cents_worth 5 years ago on Joyous Americans gather to mark bin Laden death

His life ended much too quickly. I wonder how much valuable information we could have gotten with a little torture...

Didn't Hitler also die on May 1st?


two_cents_worth 5 years ago on Army corps delays decision on breaking Mo. levee

What's the point of building a levee to protect property from high water, then tear it down when the water gets high?!

This is the same bunch that decided to release water from S. Dakota last week right when the river here was getting close to flood stage.

I believe it's time to write the senators & reps. to start winding down this mor0nic agency. We'll all be better off AND save money in the process.