tryingtounderstand 3 years, 8 months ago on Bustamante pleads guilty to murder

Bottom line is what would we "ALL" feel or want if this was your daughter that was gone, and another possibly going to get off for less? No disrespect to the prosecutor at all, but If you research things for example, to get caught with windows too dark is a 92 dollar ticket,.in which is a fund raiser law anyway, i mean they approach cars from the rear, but it's legal to have limo tint in the rear of vehicle, in which is when and where most of the time a criminal is or going to use this a window of opportunity but to not wear a seatbelt is $10? And personally having had worked in this system the main ones who make the laws, bend and break them. Wasn't it Mark Richardson that was over 100k behind in child support payments, but was filling the jails with others who hadnt paid, or were less behind then he was? Do the research. I voted for this man and to find out WOW, for real, but its money and politics that rule or should i say over rule. The true entity is like one mentioned earlier, a baby is gone, and one just a little older is about to be. In jail or not, it's not gonna bring the other back. But again I ask if this was "YOUR" child or loved one, would you be so relaxed to legal changes or seemingly, NOT PROVEN, but seemingly offers just to get the case closed. God bless us all and watch over us all, this is not an answer, an answer is to learn how to be able to deal with our kids. BEFORE the good ole child abuse system took over jails weren't as full!!!! And before someone takes this for a ride I despise whoopings got more than my share, but If my child is needing a touchup, but the law says dont touch them, but you're responsible for them??? oh and by the way at 16 they can quit school etc, this is what's killing our kids. Facebook, My space, name brands, TV, All beyond the true love and time our children need.


tryingtounderstand 3 years, 9 months ago on Bustamante pleads guilty to murder

I agree, I mean really? Do we need plea bargains when we have all the evidence? Taxpayers pay for these year long losses, when its "PROVEN" without a trial the person is guilty. So taxpayers pay for the criminals to play while someones loved one is gone!