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City council, staff, and administration do their best to represent the needs of all constituents. If there are particular issues you are passionate about there is time available at city council meetings to voice your concerns. You will need to be a city resident and use your real name rather than a fictitious one made up for a website. An example of city council listening to concerns is the fact that the money being allotted to road repair (overlay of city roads) with this sales tax renewal has been doubled from the last renewal. It would be wise to check the fact sheets regarding these renewals as they contain good information. They can be found on the city website[link text][1]. If you would like more information beyond that, brochures and a power point presented at the last council meeting describing the budgeted allocations (and how the last sales tax was utilized) are available at city hall.


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How many of you have had an actual conversation with any of the city's elected officials or worked firsthand on any of the issues facing our community to create a well-informed opinion rather than making judgment calls based on limited facts? When was the last time you went to a city hall meeting and did you attend one of the recent candidate forums held in the council chambers to ask questions? If you don't like the way city government operates please run for office and make a real difference rather than spreading unnecessary negativity on the internet.

Many of the communities adjacent to Jefferson City use and depend on city services such as schools, sewer, water, police, fire, etc. Those services cost money and the people that use them should pay for it.


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Mike actually is a supporter of public education. You are speaking of a sound byte where he was posed a question about balancing the budget. Education is one of the biggest chunks of the state budget and Mike understands that proportionately there may be opportunities to trim waste there - not that he wants to stop educating our children. However, the MIssouri Democratic Committee (not Cy) sent out postcards attacking him and saying he was against education. That is not exactly "very clear that he is not a supporter of public education." Regarding state jobs and "firing" state employees that is not something a state rep really does so your comment has no logical basis.

Attacking the last name is absurd. Should Mike just not use his full name and run as "Mike?" If the last name helped him and the voters were not informed, that is really not his fault. If they equate Bernskoetter to leadership and the best possible representation it is due to the 20+ years of service to the community and the thousands of people he has touched and helped. Yonomo, you should feel ashamed for attacking the man who will represent part of this area (and probably you) just because your candidate lost.

Our few opinions really don't matter though. The support for MIke from the majority of the 12,112 voters (about 64%) was there and informed voters don't vote based on radio snippets or attack postcards. They vote based on knowing a person's character by asking questions, having solid conversations with candidates and the people that help on their campaign. Mike has a proven track record of civic duty, volunteerism, and leadership. That can't happen without hard work and just like the rest of his life Mike worked extremely hard on this endeavor. I'm fully confident that if Cyrus had 20+ years of proven experience he could have attracted more voters.

Before you start attacking people please get your facts straight.