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thatguyagain 4 years, 10 months ago

City council, staff, and administration do their best to represent the needs of all constituents. If there are particular issues you are passionate about there is time available at city council meetings to voice your concerns. You will need to be a city resident and use your real name rather than a fictitious one made up for a website. An example of city council listening to concerns is the fact that the money being allotted to road repair (overlay of city roads) with this sales tax renewal has been doubled from the last renewal. It would be wise to check the fact sheets regarding these renewals as they contain good information. They can be found on the city website[link text][1]. If you would like more information beyond that, brochures and a power point presented at the last council meeting describing the budgeted allocations (and how the last sales tax was utilized) are available at city hall.


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