techfan 5 years, 3 months ago on Negotiations break down; Mediacom drops KOMU from lineup

I have a somewhat different opinion about this mess of broadcast stations expecting compensation for inclusion of their signals in cable, dish, or whatever media. Their signals are distributed free of charge to anyone who are able to get them with an antenna. I don't understand why they expect service providers to pay them for something that is otherwise free. Mediacom, Dish, and Direct TV are doing the local stations (and their advertisers) a service by including their signals in their media packages. By doing so, the stations' signals are being made available to more people in more locations than otherwise would be the case. In addition, for many viewers, they are of higher quality. Many people in Columbia cannot receive KRCG over the air and many people in JC cannot get a good KOMU signal.

Is there any additional expense to local broadcast stations to simply allow their signals to be rebroadcast over cable?