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Commission names Broeker MoDOT's interim director April 1, 2015


tbs63 2 years, 6 months ago on Backers of minimum wage, payday loan initiatives haven’t given up

Are we sure that it is big business, corporate types, like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump behind these payday loans? Are the tycoons really spending their time preying upon the down trodden and desperate for $500 here and $400 there? I recall seeing the commercials meant to entice the downtrodden, desperate and sometimes stupid, being fronted by well known big business, GOP types like Gary Coleman (RIP) and Montel Williams, both strident conservative Republicans. (ahem) Yes, payday loan sharks are running a dirty game. They prey on the misfortune of others. It's a shame and a tragedy. But before we lay the blame at the feet of people who move millions and employ thousands, if not, millions, why don't we cast a critical eye toward the ones who have a vested interest in promoting and perpetuating poverty? Yep, the modern Democrat party.


tbs63 2 years, 7 months ago on Soldier gets his medals 67 years later

I had the opportunity to meet this gentleman last week. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an American hero. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our future Vernon. Well, done.


tbs63 3 years ago on Amid uproar, Limbaugh headed to Hall of Famous Missourians

Hi JMO and Sequoia, Ok, points taken. But I don't get the big objection to the guy. He is the single most successful radio personality since, I don't know, Wolfman Jack? And he does it by unabashedly stating his opinions. I find that noteworthy and refreshingly American. Bill Maher does the same thing. Yet, there is far less outcry about his point of view. Most of the objection I hear about Limbaugh (and I am only a periodic listener) is that he is saying things that upset people. If that were justification for keeping people from recognition in their time, Galileo, Columbus, Dr. Martin Luther King, and countless others who have shaped the world would be forever scorned.
The guy is good at what he does. He says what he thinks. He is from Missouri and has a larger audience than anyone else in radio history. 100 years from now, when the petty politics of our day are history, that will be a big deal.


tbs63 3 years ago on Amid uproar, Limbaugh headed to Hall of Famous Missourians

Yes, there are few things as dangerous as a private citizen expressing his or her views, no matter what the forum. The bottom line is that anyone who says anything that others disagree with is a bad thing in America.

Rush Limbaugh with his "hate speech" and "intolerance" on the radio, will raise our taxes, send us and our kids to war, (and keep them there - except for when he withdraws for political expedience and make all previous sacrifices in vain), will promote dependence on the government over self reliance, will kiss the butts of foreign leaders to curry favor and will take away our rights granted by God, assured in the Constitution in a stealthy manner.

Yes, this man and his thoughts are dangerous. And dangerous starts with "D" and rhymes with "T" which stands for "thoughts". Yes, we have trouble right here in River City.

The more of this snivelry I see, where Americans actually seek out and feel empowered in the opportunities to act like victims, the more disturbed I am about what our nation and our people have become.

It's just a guy expressing his thoughts. This is what America is about - the open discussion of ideas. If you can't handle it, move to Afghanistan. I've been there. Clamping down on free speech isn't as delightful as you might think.

I may not agree with everything the guy says - but I know, and have picked up the bodies of plenty of folks who have defended his (and your) right to say what you think.

Have a great day in America...


tbs63 3 years, 1 month ago on Obituary for Paul Hill III

God bless you Paul. Thank you for the always positive, friendly and upbeat presence you brought to work. You, your family and loved ones will be in my prayers. Rest in peace my friend. You made the world a better place just by being here. Tom Stiefermann


tbs63 3 years, 3 months ago on Shedding light on Holly Drive safety issue

While we're thinking about upgrades to the area, a stop sign or speed bump on Linden would be helpful in keeping hooligans from driving too fast up Linden into the LaSalette property.
Turning from Darlene or Laurel onto Linden in that area is becoming more and more dangerous.