sweet1 2 years, 9 months ago on Carroll wants conference center committee revived

I guess to start with I'd ask how many of those against this conference center are actual meeting planners. Personally I do about 15 corporate events per year. Out of those, only 2 can I host in Jefferson City. This means that staff has to travel elsewhere to accomodate our attendees. Twice a year I attend conference for meeting planners hosted in St. Louis and Kansas City. I usually end up meeting many other planners from the Jefferson City area that are planning for their statewide associations. We always have the same 'ol conversation. "It sure would be nice to hold events in our actual city."

I would gladly pay for it. I would be happy to check the box on my ballot that says add a tax to fund this project. Goodness knows I spend a minimum of $500 conference room rate for a half day in Columbia plus food, beverage and lodging. Those would be funds I would gladly spend in JC generating revenue for our town. Creating jobs for citizens. Bringing awareness to our area.


sweet1 2 years, 10 months ago on Carroll wants conference center committee revived

Thank you, Carrie, for keeping this up! I'm tired of having to take my meetings and conferences out of town so I can accommodate our groups. I'm proud of Jefferson City and would love to have our attendees discover our town. I am in complete support of a conference center in Jeff City.


sweet1 3 years, 9 months ago on Locomotive steams into capital; hundreds turn out for a look

The train arrived yesterday evening and was open for viewing all day. They didn't just have it available during the evening after-work time.