sixtyseven 4 years, 3 months ago on Another heroin overdose and more drug-related arrests in JC

Mark Conn isn't a heroin dealer, but a heroin victim who is trying to kick the addiction and re-start his life. He managed to get clean & started a job - has no money & no car, which wouldn't be what is expected of a "dealer". He was threatened with this arrest a few weeks ago because they wanted him to point fingers--& when he couldn't tell them what they wanted to hear, they made true on their threat. Now he has an impossible bond & has to sit there for months until the case goes to court. In the meantime, he's scared & alone in an environment he's never known. Why is this legal & allowable for the police department? Drugs are a horrible part of our society & I, for one, would do anything I could to see them disappear - but not commit a sin like this just to earn an "atta boy" by getting a vulnerable person to say whatever they want to hear - be damned whether it's true or not!! They believe that putting him in this position they can put words in his mouth--& it becomes their truth. Is destroying a life & a belief in justice now the accepted way to do police work? I think not--shame on the police department for using such tactics. And be afraid - very afraid- that it could happen to you or your loved ones!!