shelleyp 2 years, 11 months ago on Perspective: Humane society responds to congressman

No, I'll leave the gratuitous insults to folks like you.

Frank Losey and Luetkemeyer are two of a kind: men desperate to carve some kind of meaning out of their lives. For all Losey claims to hate HSUS, he desperately needs it. Otherwise, what would he be? What would he be without his little campaigns?

Respect? Few people outside of Rick Berman's sphere even know him.

Search on his name. The only people who mention him are farmer's groups and commercial dog breeders.

But go ahead, if it gives you comfort to see him as some kind of Big Man, more power to you.


shelleyp 2 years, 11 months ago on Perspective: Humane society responds to congressman

Oh my goodness, someone said something in a weblog. Well, then, it must be true. Let's stop the government until this weblogger's concerns have been addressed.

This particular person is Frank Losey. He holds HSUS in as much dislike as he holds himself in esteem. He's very great ... in his own mind.


shelleyp 2 years, 11 months ago on Perspective: Humane society responds to congressman

It's unfortunate we all have to spend time even addressing these absurd claims.

HSUS is like any other 501(c)3, which means it has a set of rules it has to follow, and is subject to audits. The same applies to the Humane Society Legislative Fund, a 501(c)4. If there's something erratic in the organizational filings, the IRS will investigate. If there were legitimate concerns, founded on fact and solid evidence, the IRS will investigate.

We would hope that the IRS would not base an investigation on unfounded accusations from people with an ax to grind. Such an act would not only be unethical, it would also be a foolish expenditure of limited government funds.

Now, don't we have real things to worry about?


shelleyp 4 years, 11 months ago on Missouri man ordered to pay $90K for selling rabbits

$90,000 for 56 separate instances of selling 619 rabbits to a pet store, Petland, and a commercial "petting zoo", Silver Dollar City in Branson.

The fine was based on existing laws established by the Congress of the US. These laws have been in existence for years.

He's had his rabbit operation since 2006, selling over the internet. He contacted the USDA about a license in 2006. He's sold rabbits as pets and for meat since 2006.

If he doesn't want to pay the fine, he can take his chances in court.

What I wonder is: was he licensed by the state of Missouri for selling the meat?


shelleyp 5 years ago on Mo. lawmakers approve overhauling dog-breeding law

Thanks for providing the list.

I was astounded at how abusive Loeher and Tilley were to those trying to attach amendments or even to question the bill. This was staged, and it wasn't for the people -- it was to satisfy the true masters: the Missouri Farm Bureau and the Cattlemen's Association.

I do hope those from Yes districts that vote no get kicked out -- they deserve it.

Regardless, this isn't the end. One new ballot initiative is a Constitutional Amendment that will require a 3/4 vote to modify any citizen passed initiative. The Voter Protection Alliance:

And we will protect the dogs and eliminate the puppy mills. We're not giving up just because of Jefferson City corruption.


shelleyp 5 years, 1 month ago on Senate rewrites ‘puppy mill’ law

What legal problems?

Have you seen the enforcement provision of SB 113? It's a nightmare of twisted logic and is almost impossible to enforce. I would say this was done deliberately to remove whatever defense the dogs did have.

After all, can't have people shut down good, wholesome breeders like Knee Deep in Collies.

This is nothing more than agribusiness money and lobbying buying votes in the Missouri state legislature.

There were four senators who went against the wishes of the people in their districts: Schaaf, Rupp, Dixon, and Callahan. I would suggest people send them a note, tell them thanks...for nothing.

What these four have said is that the people in their districts are too stupid to know how to vote. Well, show them otherwise this next election.


shelleyp 5 years, 2 months ago on Move to ‘fix’ law stirs debate

The only paid people in this thread are the ones who are focusing more on HSUS than the Proposition B and the representatives efforts to rip it apart.

And they're paid by HumaneWatch, a corporate front organization funded by agribusiness to "pretend" to be speaking for the people.


shelleyp 5 years, 2 months ago on Move to ‘fix’ law stirs debate

This is not about HSUS, and I'm tired of reading this.

This is about the vote of the people of this state--we signed the petition that put this item on the ballot, we voted for it.

Now it's time for the reps to keep their hands off of our vote.

I tell you one thing, any representative that undermines the people's vote better not count on going for any statewide office.


shelleyp 5 years, 2 months ago on Move to ‘fix’ law stirs debate

What you're saying is that all commercial dog breeders are puppy mills. I don't think they are.

Representatives have passed laws on other businesses that have impacted on them--why should dog factory farms be exempt from new laws.

As for increasing expenditures, no that's not going to happen. As the Oversight office so recently put it, when doing the fiscal notes for SB 113 and HB 131--the Department of Agriculture is doing the inspections anyway, so new ones need to be hired.

No one was deceived, and the only one practicing deception is the representatives, pretending to modify a bill that they're really ripping apart.


shelleyp 5 years, 2 months ago on Move to ‘fix’ law stirs debate

If the law already exists, then why do you care?

No, what the representatives are trying to do is override the will of the voters in order to ensure a continued miserable life for dogs--and then attempt to pretend that they're only modifying Prop B when what they're really doing is ripping it apart.