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sharbe 5 years, 5 months ago

I think the defense attorney for Bustamante is doing everything in his power to keep her name in the news. That way, she will become so well known in this area they won't be able to try her here. Can't pick jurors that don't already know something about her here. The farther away from this area they get her trial moved to, the more of a chance they have to get her off on murder. It's a typical lawyer ploy. Keep her face and name on the tip of everyone's tongues and sooner or later they can say while picking out jurors that there isn't anyone in this county that doesn't know anything about her. Change of venue please. If they can get it changed to St Louis or Kansas City, the people on the jury could be more sypathetic towards Bustamante as being a teen without the proper parental control. Her father is already in prison, she'd be a pitiful little waif that had no control over what she did. Get it?


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