sancho 2 years, 10 months ago on Permit denied for West Main liquor store that met guidelines

Several years ago I learned the reporters at the NT do not write the headlines. Someone else does. I suspect they do aim to make people angry to get them to read the article.

I think there is more to getting a license to sell liquor than "meeting code" which is what most of the comments seem to be thinking about. The NT should do an article on what is necessary to sell liquor in the city limits. Also, I don't think Jefferson City is alone in how we deal with this. I think you have to get a state license, which involves additional steps.


sancho 2 years, 10 months ago on Permit denied for West Main liquor store that met guidelines

Let's see if I understand this. Connor, you own property near the intersection, but you are not registered to vote in Jeff City, so you apparently do not reside at the property you own there. Yet, you have a problem with the people who do live there following city procedures, and voicing their concerns about the application for a conditional permit. And you have a problem with the Board of Adjustment listening to the residents.

The residents in the area invested in their properties also. Oh, and they live in the neighborhood, and are involved in what happens there. And because they, unlike you, are registered voters and took the time to contact their councilment, they got results. Whereas you are not even connected enough to realize the number of families that live in the vicinity.

I think Rob is right, you need to contact the lady who circulated the petition, get a copy, study the demographics, and get a better understanding of the area..


sancho 2 years, 10 months ago on Unruly minors targeted at Thursday Night Live

My husband and I plan to be at tonight's TNL. We enjoy seeing our friends there, catching up with them, watching kids dance and hoolahoop to the band music, and the whole atmosphere of the event. I appreciate Jill identifying a problem and a solution.

I had two kids who are now grown and we did not let them hang out at the mall or attend events like the 4th of July without us. I am glad Jill is putting the responsibility on the parents to be with their kids, or the kids don't attend.

Look, if I wanted to be surrounded by unsupervised teens, I'd figure out a way to do that. I don't want teenagers who have not learned how to conduct themselves in public to ruin this wornderful event.


sancho 2 years, 10 months ago on Permit denied for West Main liquor store that met guidelines

Congratulations to the people in this neighborhood for their involvement in their community. It appears to me, from reading the article and previous articles about this situation, that families in the neighborhood were concerned about a liquor store at that location, and they were proactive about expressing their concerns. Eileen, I did not see anything about hysterical people. There should not be anything wrong with people in a neighborhood working together to keep their community inviting, safe and healthy for kids, especially with West School right there and St. Joe down the street. They spoke to their council representatives, West School, St. Joe, and apparently Breaktime. In my opinion they took the right course of action, including getting signatures on a petition.

People on this forum always complain that no one wants to live in Jeff City, it's uninviting, why would young people come here, Well folks, you have young families in the West Main area that voiced their legitimate concerns, and you guys are on here calling them names, and painting their actions as racist, good ole boy stuff, on and on. Why would anyone want to live in this town if when they voice concerns, they are called names on a public forum, made fun of and ridiculous garbage printed about them?

The people in the West Main neighborhood want to live here, and they have the right to try and keep their neighborhood safe. Mr. Patel can put a liquor store in many places in Jeff City. He does not have to put it there.

Some of you folks on this forum have forgotten how to communicate and interact with others in a respectful manner. You need to quit blogging, get out of your house, interact with people instead of a keyboard and re-learn what you have forgotten.


sancho 2 years, 11 months ago on Structural threats next on prison tour

According to the 1/2/13 STL,"More than 19,000 people from 23 countries visited the former prison in 2012, generating about $275,000 in revenue _ roughly $35,000 of which was profit..."

Fortunately last year over 19,000 people from 23 countries considered the site worth visiting. So you two think bringing 19,000 people to Jefferson City is not worth it?

And the $35,000 profit is just what the CVB sees, it is not what local restaurants, and other services see in revenue, and the sales taxes on that.

If the site is maintained, the buildings, some of which are eligilble to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, can continue to draw visitors. But if the buildings continue to deteriorate, there will be nothing for 19,000 and more people to come here to see. So you two are ok with that?


sancho 2 years, 11 months ago on Who’s at the helm of MSP?

It's unbelievable that the state positions on the MSP Redevelopment Commission are vacant. If the state cannot fill these positions, how can anyone expect the state to do anything? It's either incompetence or political game playing by the governor and it's unacceptable. Why Kehoe, Barnes and Berneskoetter are not aware or demanding that these positions be filled so the commission can hold meetings is stupid. How can these guys claim they are working for our community and yet they allow this level of inefficiency to continue: the governor refusing to fill these positions and the commission unable to get quorums for meetings because of it.


sancho 2 years, 12 months ago on Definition of eggs expanded

Praise the Lord they passed something this session!

Don't get me wrong, I know this is important to people that want to sell eggs other than chicken eggs. And that is fine. I am all about farmers markets, and buying local food. Maybe one day I will be buying turkey or duck eggs, or whatever eggs, and I will be glad that I can do so.

If this is the only piece of legislation that gets passed, and signed, this session then so be it.

Anyway, I'm glad they got the important stuff out of the way. Redefining eggs, only in Missouri. I know, I know, it's important to turkey, duck and whatever growers. But gosh darn it the budget's important too. I'm just saying.


sancho 2 years, 12 months ago on Final budget includes governor's state pay plan

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sancho 2 years, 12 months ago on Tours hope to attract bargeload of tourism

3blindmice is right, the pedestiran bridge has been wonderful for Jeff City. I'm glad to know that tourist cycling in Missouri generated more than golf or boating.

Maybe one of these days the state will transfer title of the MSP to the MSP Redevelopment Commission and the Discover Jefferson City Foundation will not have to invest so much of their efforts into maintaining the MSP site.

Rob, there's a lot of the Katy Trail between Jeff City and Herman that is not visible from Hwy 94. As a matter of fact many bikers list that part of the trail as their favorite becasue so much of the trail goes through wooded areas, and feels isolated. So I suspect you did not see a lot of the trail Sat. and probably missed more that a couple of bike riders.