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Citizens exercise their right to vote and those supporting the school district are disappointed by the large voter turn out? The school district really did want to shove this down the communities throat. Keep in mind an April vote requires a smaller margin for victory. The article states the largest turnout prior to this was when voters approved the bond for teacher's salaries. If my memory serves me correctly that proposal failed the first time at the polls. Is it possible the district leadership did their jobs of informing the voters of the need and listened to their constituents? Mitchell proclaims in the article "voters are not ready to accept the single high school plan". We are not ready now or in the future for this plan. The voters have spoken. Do not waste our resources on another survey. Show some leadership and put together a plan the community will support. We have tremendous needs that need solutions in this district. If you are unable to provide that type of leadership, please submit your resignation.


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It looks like the athletic program at JCHS is in about the same shape as academics; very poor, lacking rigor, relevance, and relationships. Oh yea we need to pony up $80 million to restore this institution to it's former glory. The district wants to build one high school so that it can maintain it's membership in the large school class in athletics.


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Once again I believe much is missing from this story. Yes as a parent you have the responsibility to know what is in your kid's back pack when they go off to school. If more parents took responsibilty for their children our schools would not be dealing with this type of behavior and we would not need to spend funds on such programs as character plus. It is my understanding that the school explained to kids that these type of objects do not belong at school. At least that's what my first grader told me. Maybe this child was threatening other children. If it had been one of your kids being threatened I have no doubt many of you would be at the school wanting something done to that student. Maybe our schools could actually educate if they parents actually took responsibility for the children they bring into this world.


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If they want different results at the high school level they need to get rid of the current high school administration. This is the administration that has given us an 85% graduation rate. And why don't we currently have rigor, relevance, and relationships? This community has been driven down this dead end road for years by school district administrators and now they want taxpayers to spend $80 billion to start all over again. One school proponents say that we would split the town. With this approach it will be still be a one horse town but it's just moving further to the west. Administrators tell us it's going to cost $25 million to renovate current HS. How did Camdenton build a new high school for only $35 million? Voters will see through this farce being pushed upon us.


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It doesn't matter if they have children attending schools in the JCPS system. They are taxpayers and will be asked to pay increased taxes to support any proposal put forward by the school board. This will effect the growth in this community for years. You mentioned it "speaks volumes". What do you believe it says about them?


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Is this meeting to discuss optionS, or is it an informational meeting to sell the district's proposed plan? Since the district has already purchased land, and signed an agreement to sell the current campus, it is my conclusion the district will only give the perception they are listening to the communtiy. When Nashville began the process to implement academies into their schools it began in 2006 and was just implemented in the 2012-13 school year. JCPS has not educated their constituents on how the academy methodology will be implemented. Where is the information that the Academic Planning committee has put together on how the academy methodology will be implemented? As we all know the devil is in the details. The district seems to be taking a que from our federal government and is asking us to approve the bond issue and then we will tell you how this is going to work?


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You want to put 3,000 to 4,000 kids on one campus with 400-500 student academies. How about 1500-2000 kids on a campus with 200-300 hundred in an academy? By the way the Metro Nashville Public Schools began their discussion of academies in 2006 and implemented them in the 2012-13 school year. Our district did NOTHING to inform their constituents about the academy concept. When you go the district web site regarding academies the secondary planning committee has been meeting but there are no minutes regarding what has been discussed since May 2012. Management metrics have not been communicated to the district patrons because we don't have any, but the board will take this too a vote without any of this information available. Too bad our district didn't take the approach of MNPS when implementing this model. I don't have a problem with the academy model, but we need better communication from our district leaders and a second high school.


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JCPSDad you are not telling the full story regarding the schools you visited. NONE of the schools visited offer ONLY the academy approach to educating their students. All these districts have more than 1 high school and the academy approach is part of the overall education process. Our district did not vet this idea with the community. Rather Emperor Mitchell formed a Secondary Schools Committee to gather community input regarding the infrastructure for the academy model. How do these other communities offer the academy approach in their schools? They use more than one educational methodology/approach to best meet the interests/needs of their students and they do it with more than one campus. With the predicted enrollment of our district by 2016-17 we will have a high school campus of close to 4,000 students. And keep in mind when the district selected the site for the new campus they did not take into account the population of the Holts Summit area. And district administrators want to reduce the threshold for secondary busing to 1 mile. How much will the additional transportation costs amount too? The district will not answer the question on the maximum size of this proposed MEGA high school. The district is only taking this approach because of our graduation rate is only 85%. The school board is asking us to be a guinea pig for Mitchell's grand plan. Our school board needs to quit being an advisory board to the superintendent, and start representing the community. When we realize this one style approach isn't working, Mitchell will be long gone and we will be fixing the problem.


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It's amazing the media does not discuss the Glass/Stegall act that kept the banking system in check until it was repealed in 1993. It took less than 20 years to collapse the credit markets. No politician of either party has proposed reinstating the protections this legislation offered.

Dodd-Frank does not offer any protections to the consumer. It was a half hearted response to the credit crisis that occured in 2007. If you follow the money from the large banks you will understand why we have not safe guarded the credit and banking sytem. You want protections from credit card companies? Don't use them, or if you have the discipline you them very wisely.


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Yes "interested_party" I did read the article, did you? Mr. Ortmeyer was not holding himself out as an expert on public education, but rather as a citizen concerned about the direction our school leaders want to take our education system. If you were to get involved in causes that you believed in you would be given the same opportunity to speak your opinion. Maybe you already do get involved in our community and we need more people who are willing to step up to make this a better place to live.

If you would look at how many former "Jays" sent their kids to Helias in the last 10 - 20 years you would probably here the same reasons Mr. Ortmeyer sent his kids there. Smaller school, smaller class sizes, and discipline ( bad word in this day and age). Why don't you ask the former Jefferson City residents who have moved to the Taos/Wardsville area so there childeren could attend Blair Oaks? Many current staff memebers of the JCPS live outside the district so there children can attend schools other than what is offered here in Jeff City.

We definitely need a change in our education system here. Why don't we start with making our students more accountable for their education rather than school distric? Students are leaving our system today who do not possess skills to get a job. Is that the fault of the district? In most cases you will find it the individual students own fault. "Jay Pride" is just a term the district likes to throw around today. We know longer live it.