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rollnthndr 3 years, 1 month ago

Citizens exercise their right to vote and those supporting the school district are disappointed by the large voter turn out? The school district really did want to shove this down the communities throat. Keep in mind an April vote requires a smaller margin for victory. The article states the largest turnout prior to this was when voters approved the bond for teacher's salaries. If my memory serves me correctly that proposal failed the first time at the polls. Is it possible the district leadership did their jobs of informing the voters of the need and listened to their constituents? Mitchell proclaims in the article "voters are not ready to accept the single high school plan". We are not ready now or in the future for this plan. The voters have spoken. Do not waste our resources on another survey. Show some leadership and put together a plan the community will support. We have tremendous needs that need solutions in this district. If you are unable to provide that type of leadership, please submit your resignation.


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