red40 2 years, 10 months ago on Unruly minors targeted at Thursday Night Live

Okay as far as I can see here Jill is stating the facts and only that. Yes it is a family event and an excellent one at that! A family event can involve alcohol so long as it is done responsibly. I have been taking my son to TNL for the last 2 years and it has always been a blast. For those of you that think there are just a bunch of drunk people standing around in the streets, that is not the case. Sure some are drunk as they are over 21 and it is not against the law but it is not a bunch of drunks walking the streets! The event is over at 9pm. What happens after that has nothing to do with the event itself. The event has always been put together exceptionally well and cleaned up as well afterwards. No one is saying that minor's cannot be included, it is simply being said that they need to be accompanied by parents. Makes sense to me...... And to Director.. Why do you continue to attend if your take on the event is being "Surrounded by two blocks of peeps intoxicating themselves as they stand, looking aimlessly at one another wondering how this is what they ended up doing with their time while there is so much at home that needs to be done." Sounds like you should stay home and get some things done yourself with that attitude.