rebooter 2 years, 5 months ago on JCFD kicks off sales tax campaign

rodinman3 days, 17 hours ago

Keep things as they are and think outside the box on ways to recoup costs. Why not charge "out-of-towners" for services rendered whenever the fire department or police department are called to the scene of an accident and perform some function. A few things that come to mind are hazard materials containment and disposal, personnel extraction, fire suppression. If the FD shows up and does not use any materials then the "service" is free. Just bill their insurance company they way they get billed for replacement of a power line pole or for damage to a fire hydrant.

This is just the type of thinking that has the cost of medical care soaring... Do you really think if would be 'free'?? Who do you think would pay for it. I mean the fuel and equipment costs alone have a cost associated with it. If you own property in Jefferson City, you and you alone are paying for this free service to others. Additionally, this is not just about City residents vs. non City residents. It is more accurately about property owners and non property owners. Everyone who rents property in JC gets this for 'free'...payed for by those of us who pay the tax as it is. I think that if you are a NO voter on this tax, and you live in JC, then you must be a renter. If you see this as a tax increase it is only because you EXPECT those of us that pay our property taxes to pay for it for you. I will agree that there is always the likely possiblilty that funding for the fire department is mismanaged. That is an administrative concern and should be looked into. However, firefighters responding to your emergency, whatever it may be, will do the best they can with what they have in order to save you and yours. I see it all the time in the news that victims never think that something like this (their emergency) could never happen to them... And then it does. And then at that time they want the very best fire department that money can buy to save the day for them. That 45% of the non-resident calls that you speak of are not just out of towners... rather just people who are not property owning tax payers. I'm voting yes. I think that the 25 cents from the $100 I spend is a very small price to pay for the product we ALL will receive. These men and women deserve our support on this!


rebooter 2 years, 6 months ago on Council OKs Fire Dept. sales tax bill

rodinman... I have to ask. What type of trainning is needed vs. wanted? Seems to me that if a fire dept. is going to improve then it should start and end with training. Training is cheap compared to everyting else. I'm sure that firefighters training to save lives should not be considered 'wanted' as much as 'needed'. Just an observation. I have been told by a firefighter that a very detailed plan shall be presented to the public for many of you to examine. I told him that I didn't think it would pass if it is kept vague like that last tax attempt by the chamber. He assures me that there is a need and they will clearly define where every penny will go. What I don't understand is how the fire department got into such a mess to begin with. I'm guessing that it is pretty cheap to run a fire department if you spend very little money on it and get by with just enough to keep the lights on.


rebooter 2 years, 7 months ago on Council OKs Fire Dept. sales tax bill

I live in JC...which means I also live in Cole County. That being said. I, as a property owner, also pay for a LOT of stuff I don't use. I'm not complaining...just a fact of life. Here is my beef... I wonder how many city residents live in JC that don't own property. I also wonder how many out of towners come to JC and visit, shop, work, and so on... I pay for all of those people when they have a car fire, a medical emergency, an accident, or they get robbed or in some way need law enforcement. I pay for a lot of visitors to be safe. Hmmmm... seems like a little help (in the form of 1/4 of 1 cent sales tax) would be greatly appreciated. I worked all of my life to buy my house in a city that I love. I see the fire department and the police department in JC as a most valuable asset to this area of the county that we should all be proud of and have the good fortune of having access to 24 hours a day should we need them. I whole heartedly thank those men and women for all that they do and I will pay either way for all of our safety. Shame on those of you who have this protection and choose to feel you should get it for free!!!