rebel999 3 years, 8 months ago on Akin in race to stay, makes first appearance since rape remark

The bottom line is that Romney, Ryan and the Republican party believe that women should not under any circumstances be allowed to have an abortion. This Republican point of view will be written into the Republican platform at the Republican convention and this no more abortion law will become the law of the land if Romney, Ryan and the Republicans win control of our government in the next election or any election thereafter. Women of America, do you want to go back to the days of not being able to end a pregnancy you don’t want? Perhaps many of you women don’t remember those days. Perhaps many of you women don’t remember the days of having to put your life on the line to get an abortion by some inexperienced person in some unhealthy backroom somewhere as you fear arrest for what you are doing. Perhaps you women AND men don’t remember how it was to have your economic well being and your freedom taken away because you are forced to raise a family that you can’t afford or want or wasn’t ready for. Perhaps many of you don’t know that many of you will be forced to give up your dreams for your life because you are going to vote for Romney and the Republicans who are going to pass laws that will outlaw abortions that will make you give up your dreams, your future, your life. This election is about more than just the weekly job numbers which by the way the Republicans in Congress and the rich and the Republicans in the private sector have done all that they could to weaken by their actions. This election is about fairness, equality; ending injustice; rights of many kinds; a right to an abortion; equal pay for equal work; getting some kind of gun control; getting an unbiased Supreme Court; an end to the Bush tax cuts for the rich and an end to voodoonomics; getting Obama’s budget that raises taxes on the rich and cuts the budget in a fairer way; stopping Romney/ Ryan’s plan which is to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich and unnecessarily increase the military budget while also enacting the Ryan budget plan; getting laws and regulations that protect our environment; regulating Wall Street and stopping rich people’s con games; making the American dream available to all and not just the rich and much much more. That’s why we need to vote for President Obama and the Democrats because if Romney and the Republicans take over our government we will be SORRY!!!


rebel999 3 years, 8 months ago on Opinion: Romney-Ryan ticket

Representative Ryan is the main cause why America’s credit rating was down graded last year. Ryan is the main cause that the budget deal reach last year between President Obama & Representative Boehner was rejected in the House of Representatives which was the main cause of Moody’s down grading America’s credit rating. Ryan objected to the plan because it included eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Ryan is one of the leaders of the tea party in Congress who has used his leadership to derail the budget plan negotiated by Obama and Boehner and was the leader in the House if organizing the whole Republican Party to oppose any government help to fuel the economic growth that our country so badly needed. Ryan has been an obstructionist in Congress as he used his extortionist style of governing to get what he wanted in Congress. The Ryan budget plan now becomes the blue print for Romney economic plan which is to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cut other taxes for the rich, unnecessarily increase the military budget, cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible, give the rich freedom to again to what they want to us consumers, threaten many of the rights we Americans have obtained over the years like the right to get an abortion and make life more difficult for the middle and lower class people of America. We can’t entrust our economy to Romney and Ryan with their voodoonomics style of governing. We can’t trust Romney & Ryan to solve our environmental problems. Romney and Ryan will only make our environmental problems worse. Our environment is going through some very bad changes for the worst. We need someone like President Obama in office who will do all he can to solve our environmental problems, our economic problems, our equality problems, our social problems & the world’s problems. Our country and our troops needs a president who can bring peace to the world not a warmonger like Romney who will get us into a war with Iran & who knows who else. President Obama’s policies is pulling America out of a serious Republican caused Recession that was on the verge of a Depression. President Obama’s policies has crippled Al Qaeda and killed numerous Al Qaeda leaders including Bin Laden. President Obama’s policies has saved America’s auto industry & America’s economy. President policies has averted a war with Iran, gotten rid of Gadaffi, gotten us out of Iraq, stabilized Afghanistan, Africa & guided the Middle East through one revolution after another without the use of American troops. President Obama has earned the respect of the Arab world and has kept the violence between the Israelis & Palestinians down. I’m sure the Republicans would be proud to make the same boast but Republicans are a bunch of lying deceiving con artists who always try to twist the truth to make people vote for them. Beware of Romney Ryan & the Republicans because they are no good for America. They have proven that over and over again.