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Power restored to eastern Jefferson City neighborhoods September 2, 2015


readerofnews 3 years ago on Councilman expects city administrator to be fired

i don't comment very often on here, but just like to read and catch up on the news and other peoples' debates...which have valid points and some are completely absurd. First and foremost, I was in favor of Prop 2. The number one reason, it was a sales tax...anybody in the city limits was going to benefit. Have you not been in morning rush hour traffic where everyone outside is commuting on 3 majors highways to get inside. All those people who buy merchandise, lunch, or whatever...would have contributed with their purchases, increasing revenue for Jeff City from this "SALES TAX" if it would have passed.I hate paying taxes as just much as anyone else, but I try to make a decision that benefits "the best for the community" when I vote. In this decision, I went and visited a fire station to get a better idea of why we they needed updated equipment and my conclusion was a yes vote.

Now, on the topic of our city adminstrator and council...this is just government. Did the city adminstrator skewed voters opinion, I think so. Does his head need to be on a chopping block? I don't think that is necessary, but he should have provided this information to the public in the beginning and not at the last minute. The really disappointing part I see in all of this, is everyone has an opinion...yet the voter turnout percentage was really low. Which leads me to believe that 60-70% of the population really don't care what happens in this town. We could vote a brand new council in and find a new adminstrator, but would it really change anything? I really don't think so, councils come and go, it's a thankless job in a nut shell. The cost of doing business or living is on the rise, while revenues (home or business) keeps getting smaller and smaller. I personally feel sorry for future generations, their future doesn't look bright at all if these economic conditions continue onward.


readerofnews 3 years, 6 months ago on JC Fire Department looks to pass sales tax

I concur with your last two posts, the whole package deal in cities across the U.S. are hurting for revenue. Clint Eastwood stated it best in the Superbowl halftime commercial a few weeks ago, many cities are shutting down services they can't afford anymore and businesses are going elsewhere for cheaper labor (not a direct quote).

The problem as you stated "prices for goods and services keep increaseing due to inflation," all in all, this falls under consumers and the city too. I would hate to try to balance a budget for fuel expenditures with the drastic price increases we seen in the last few months. While that may not be the reason for the roads, sewer and water mains, etc...for not being repaired or upgraded. If a department has spent or overspent it allocated budget. Do you fixed or not fixed those items mentioned, if the money is not there?

What is funny in the whole scheme of things, governments will never make everyone happy and agreeable on every issue. And that is why we get to express our opinion by voting (hopefully) on important issues. I"m not going to get into the "Transformation" theme, I didn't vote and was 50/50 on the good and bad aspects for that tax proposal.

What I see in this proposal is the realization that property value revenue might not be increasing with future expenditures, and there is an attempt or idea on the agenda to seek a different mean for revenue.


readerofnews 3 years, 6 months ago on JC Fire Department looks to pass sales tax

I have a hard time understanding why people don't like paying taxes, yes...I know that governments sometimes exploits the use of these funds wrongfully. But, even our fore fathers who fought the British because of taxes, eventually came to the conclusion that taxes were needed to have a functioning society and government. Don't get me wrong, I too, hate paying taxes when I view situations on a day to day basis, where my tax money is being spent for ideas, people, or items which I am complete against! Yet, at the same time I comprehend that a tax is needed for essential services.

The basic headline in this news story is a proposal, that an entinty wants to switch from one tax base and to another. In the fine line of things, it's probably an even split in overall cost to a citizen of Jeff City. If a increase of 3/8% on a sales tax puts me in the red of my budget, than I probably should not be paying for internet to post my opinion on the Newstribune blog or purchase other luxuries, but focus on the necessities of life.

I myself, move to Jeff City from the country to have the services of a big city. Yes, the country life might be cheaper and its definitely in taxes, but there is another side of this story too. If you don't have a problem waiting 20 minutes or longer for the sheriff's department to show up, or when you call 911 for an ambulance and it arrives 10 minutes later, or in this case the fire department. Yep, they may be there in 10 minutes too, but may have only 3-4 guys show up. Choose your battles wisely, I personally see this as a fair proposal.