playnice 4 years, 2 months ago on Examining why there were no cameras in the courtroom

The issue isn't why were there no cameras in the courtroom, I think people can understand why not; the issue is why did the News Tribune send a cartoonist to be the courtroom artist instead of someone with some actual talent for sketching. I bet if the judge knew beforehand that the courtroom sketches would look like a bad version of the Peanuts sunday comic, she might have decided that one differently.


playnice 4 years, 2 months ago on Bustamante’s journal recounts how she killed 9-year-old girl

Seriously. The judge bans cameras, allowing one courtroom artist to be the eyes of the public, and the News Tribune sends a cartoonist?! I know Jefferson City is not exactly a sophisticated metropolis and the News Tribune is probably more used to covering bake sales and rotary club meetings than real news but come on people, this is the biggest story of your careers, couldn't you at least spring for a sketch artist that knows how to sketch?