pepperslady 5 years ago on Fugitive arrested in Fulton

he was with the police chief's nephew when he was picked up


pepperslady 5 years, 5 months ago on Mayor: More tattoo shops could undermine fragile downtown growth

People in JC have always been so uppity. What difference does it make if there is a tattoo shop uptown? Is the great Mayor Landwehr suggesting that tattoo parlors uptown would bring an undesired level of people uptown? JC has probably lost thousands of tax dollars over the last several years by banning tattoo parlors; most of the people desiring body art or piercings have traveled to surrounding cities to get what they wanted. Quite frankly, I am 60 yrs old, no tattoos, no body piercings and do not want any; however, I think this is one of the most ridiculous laws I have ever seen! And, Mayor John Landwehr, one of the most biased statement ever by a public figure.