patron 3 years, 8 months ago on Library board OKs miniscule levy hike

The wording on this article is not good! The library didn't raise the tax levy! They aren't even using their full .20 cents they were approved back in 1964! They're raising it to almost the .20 cents they were approved 48 years ago! Typically a community is suppose to support their local library. Not criticize and hate on it all the time! Truth is you can't satisfy everyone, and somebody is always going to complain about the way the library spends the tax payers money. It's pathetic how this community treats their library. As if a little support would kill everyone!


patron 4 years, 1 month ago on Library Board votes to seek levy increase

The library hasn't gone for a levy increase for 58 years!?!?!?! I'll vote yes!!! I love our local library! And it's not like it's a sales tax! It's property tax! The average amount a person pays a year to the library is $25!!! People react like the library is trying to rob them! Ridiculous! I'm voting yes!