oopsoops 4 years, 6 months ago on oopsoops

Since when did the chamber of commerce become a tax collector for their own projects that lines their pockets ! I our am appalled that our 'ellected' officials would even concider this, but they have been wined & dined a lot lately, and they are buisness owners too! They want us to pay over $60,000,00 over ten years for their wish list of projects. If they are such money making projects why not use their money! The 1% are always trying to get some one else to make them money. It seem our officials are starting to act like Washington polititons. We really need to watch them! I am not a lawyer, but this does not seem legal. I am sure they will put this on a separate ballot so only the special interest will vote as they always do.Tired of being lied to.