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Eastern Jefferson City neighborhoods lose power September 2, 2015

Rick Brown

online_editor 2 years, 1 month ago on Nixon shows no support for gas chamber idea

I removed some off-topic comments and insults. Let's reserve this page for issues related directly to capital punishment, so anyone wanting to focus on that has a place to discuss it. Thanks.


online_editor 2 years, 1 month ago on Shelter’s feral cat policy, gas chamber criticized

Thanks to everyone who posted issue-oriented comments on this topic. Some posts were removed for name calling directed to other participants, against forum policy. Further commenting has been disabled, but if you'd like to comment on the issue further, please address a letter to the editor as follows. All letters should be limited to 400 words. The author's name must appear with the letter, and the name, address and phone number provided for verification. Letters that cannot be verified by telephone will not be published. Send letters for publication to


online_editor 2 years, 2 months ago on Animal shelter, vet sever ties

I removed a couple of comments because they bordered on leveling accusations of personal wrongdoing or character deficiencies rather than general criticism of animal shelter operations. In order to discourage potentially libelous remarks, let's please try to keep the focus of discussion on matters of public policy and operational issues. Feel free to re-post any parts of removed comments which were within that framework. Thanks. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune


online_editor 2 years, 2 months ago on Beer garden sought on city lot

Because it's not directly related to this request, the reference to prior beer gardens at the Central Bank location has been removed from the article. Thanks. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune


online_editor 2 years, 3 months ago on Helias has focus on Union’s 44-goal scorer

Sorry if I was remiss for not noting that the headline underwent a speedy revision to avoid having it misinterpreted, particularly in the context of Twitter or other linking situations. It's thanks to two people pointing it out shortly after its late-night posting that any ambiguity was eliminated quickly, and that's a good thing, especially to return the focus to the story of the athletes' accomplishments. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune


online_editor 2 years, 3 months ago on Police offer free drug testing

Thanks for noticing. I fixed the link. As a speed bump to spammers, our commenting system disallows w w w. It's unusual these days to need to include the w w w to make a web address work, usually the domain is programmed to "assume" that as a default, but in this case, it was a necessary component. Sorry for the inconvenience. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune


online_editor 2 years, 3 months ago on Tours hope to attract bargeload of tourism

I removed a thread of comments that turned into bashing a forum participant. Please remember our forum is a platform for you to express your opinion on issues to all readers, not assail other participants. If you're attacked, please don't attack back. If you don't like someone else's opinions, either ignore them or post your position to the contrary. If you are inclined to engage others in debate, do so in a civil fashion focused on issues. Such discussions can help all readers better grasp various sides of an issue. Most readers have the ability on their own to judge the credibility and value of any given person's history of posts (which can be accessed, btw, by clicking on their screen name). Please understand that, just as if you were addressing a public town hall meeting, the main objective here is to share your views on issues with all of us, not "win" an argument with or blast other participants. Thanks. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune


online_editor 2 years, 4 months ago on Accident injures Jefferson City woman

In reviewing, it appears we do have folks in the right vehicles, and the media release said no injuries except Huff. Keep in mind that these releases are preliminary and include the officer's initial observations. Inside the above article, I've added a link to the JCPD media release that accompanied the accident in question. The separately-filed official accident report (available at the PD or via is more detailed and may include additional and/or followup information. Regardless, if you believe the police made an omission in their reporting, you should let them know your concerns. (And here's hoping you both are doing OK, by the way.)


online_editor 2 years, 4 months ago on History lesson offered for JCPS anniversary

It was an editing error. The purchase information was included with the version of the article that appeared in print and e-Edition. Because the information in that context was formatted to be inside a separate box highlighting those details, the online editors (not the reporter) mistakenly failed to notice and add that back into the text when the original version of this page was posted. I've added it to the permanent article text now. Sorry for the inconvenience. --Rick Brown, online editor, News Tribune