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Not guilty verdict in JC murder trial May 6, 2016


offroader4x4 3 years, 7 months ago on 13 is JCHS drum line's lucky number

I hate to say your wrong but, this article is incorrect. They hit the number 14 this year. And it was not consecutive. While they have a great following and are to be respected for their accomplishments we need to get our facts correct. They have won this year making it their 14th win for Mike but, it has not been all in a row. This group practices everyday and still gets better each time. I enjoy hearing them and watching them preform. They have done something that most wish they could do but haven't. If it weren't for Mike's professionalism and dedication that helps push these young men and women to be better . So I thank you for doing what you do and showing them that sticking with something really does matter in the long run.