mike hughes

nuprofessor 4 years, 4 months ago on McCaskill touts watchdog role in re-election bid

Afer November 2012 she can add the word LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to her list of descriptions!


nuprofessor 5 years, 3 months ago on Missouri courts: We need more efforts to keep people out of jail

NO!!!!! What we need is to find a way to make jail less appealing. Jails / prison now have too much for the inmate to do. Jail / prison is a punishment for screwing up in everyday life. It is quite ironic that inmates get three meals a day, a roof over their head, heating / cooling, and their healthcare paid. There are law abiding people that sometimes do not have one of the above. What makes the inmate special!?!? Make the inmate work for his keep! NO WORK= NO EAT / SHELTER / HEATING / COOLING/ HEALTHCARE.