Donald E Alford

nozepicker 5 years, 3 months ago on Union slams Gov. Nixon’s proposals to cut state workers

Missouri State Workers are already 49th in wages compared to the other states. I suggest he cut the pay and per diem of state legislators. They are ranked 13th in the nation in pay. Imagine that, for 4 months of work!! Where can the rest of us get a job like that. Pay, mileage, health care, retirement (at an early age), paid housing if you live outside a perimeter line, staff and office expenses. Governor, your putting the bandaid on the wrong knee. Wake up!


nozepicker 5 years, 4 months ago on Petition seeks to repeal Fulton smoking ban

This is not about smokers rights. Your petition stinks like your cigarette smoke. I can finally enjoy food and drink without the indoor stink of tobacco smoke. You have almost all of the world to smoke in and you want the rest. Give us non smokers a chance to get away from you and your smokers breath. Just step outside and blow to your hearts content then come back inside and breath clean air like we are doing. Some smokers are considerate, some are just friggin' rude like your petition is about. Your petition sucks!


nozepicker 5 years, 5 months ago on Smoking bans approved in Jefferson City, Fulton

Smokers have 99% of the world to smoke in and that's not enough for them. Blow your smoke in your kid's faces, not mine!


nozepicker 5 years, 5 months ago on nozepicker

People still smoke with kid's in the car with the windows rolled up. Here in Holts Summit we have no non smoking places to eat. If you ask for non smoking, they take the ash tray off your table. Blow smoke in the face of your kid's, not mine. Smokers have 99% of the world to smoke in and they want the other 1%.