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nolbear98 5 years, 3 months ago

to show you how the state house and senate do not care how the real state of state workers, look at family services , like the locale office that services locale clients. that office is so understaffed the caseworkers have a average case load of over 700 clients. that office had 20 caseworkers and is now down to 12 and soon lose 2 more., they have hired one new one but that one can not work until trained which can take a the state was at one time amoung the top five states in the nation in the percentage of cases handled which allowed the state of missouri to receive extra funding for social services. it looks like now that the state of missouri has lost that ranking and going to have to pay a fine for not meeting federal guidelines on handling food stamps and other time sensitive services.. It seems that social services has money for the caseworkers slots but are under orders not to hire and work the workers they have and make due with that., i wonder how many upper managers they really need and how many lower level workerss can be hired to handle those case loads.


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