naturalmom12 3 years, 2 months ago on Tanning bed legislation heats up

I wonder how much research people actually do on their own. Tanning doesn’t cause Melanoma. Recent studies have shown that exposure to the UV lights cuts your risk of getting Melanoma. This is due to the Vitamin D that your body produces once its exposed to UV lights. There are far more important issues they should be focusing on, not if my child is allowed to go in a tanning bed if they are under a certain age. When will people realize using a tanning bed in moderation, it’s actually good for your health. More than 95% of the US and Canadian population is vitamin D deficient and a big reason for this is because of the sun scare campaign created by sunscreen companies and dermatologists. It’s come to my attention dermatologists, sun screen companies and Government are no longer looking out for our best interests, it’s more how it benefits them. Tanning beds were created to mimic the sun and it does just that BUT it’s a much more controlled environment, especially in a tanning salon. "Someone who tans is 75% more likely to get melanoma." This is a statistic from a World Health Organization report. The information that makes up that stat is very important to know, yet the article leaves it out. OF that 75% the biggest contributor is DERMATOLOGISTS PHOTOTHERAPY TREATMENTS. The other major factor of that statistic is HOME TANNING UNITS. If you were to look solely at tanning bed use in a professional salon, the increased risk is insignificant. They had to use the other two methods in their statistics to get that alarming rate to scare the public. Tanning salons take into consideration skin type and equipment for their clients. They regulate how much time and how often a person tans based on that information. A skin type 1 (the fairest skin type) will not be allowed to tan in a salon because of the risk factor. The other two methods (Dermatologist phototherapy and home units) are not regulated at all and skin type is not a consideration. l which is WHY those two methods are what make that statistic so high. Articles like this are a prime example of the misinformation about tanning that gets overblown and exaggerated. This is inaccurate and misleading. There should be a balanced message and moderation should be the key. That is the goal of the tanning industry, they are doing it the right way, yet they get pinned as the bad guy.