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mwebs200 3 years, 4 months ago

Looking for people that are involved in the second injury fund that has been awarded their money and have not recevied it yet. My husband was a awarded his money and received a letter in Dec 2011 that yes he was due to start receiving payment Dec 26 but we have no money to pay you. Well that is not right. Do you think if we owed the state money that we could write them aletter and say yes I do owe you but I have no money to pay you they would be on you like mad...Well we are mad because the state owe us and not paying up turn about is fair play. I have contacted several major new station like CNN, HEADLINE NEWS 20/20, president OBAMA so everyone can see how Missouri treats their people. The people of the second injury fund did not chose to get hurt on the job it happens. So now the Missouri Government needs to step up and take the responsibility to pay these people some of the claim that have been award date back to 2001 we have people that are loosing everything like their homes, cars, etc If you were an animal in the state of Missouri you would have more rights and laws to protect you under the animal rights curity act than you do been a human being...Missouri owes this since they over sees the fund and they need to pay up. LET TAKE A STAND AND NOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE LET MAKE THE GOVERNMENT OF MISSOURI HEAR US AND GET US PAID!!!! anyone that is wanting to join you can contact me at MWEBS200@YAHOO.COM and in the subject line put second injury fund

Thank you

Chris and Allen Robinette


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