marcopolo 4 years, 3 months ago on Bustamante pleads guilty to murder

Obviously you don't have a signal spec of wisdom. They offered this bargain for a reason, and a not a signal wise human believes it's because of costs. Mark Richardson even said he would pursue this regardless of costs and would never offer a plea bargain, this paper and krcg both quoted that when Alyssa was ruled an adult. Obviously they thought they stood at least a decent chance of losing the case if it was brought before a jury, thus they offered a plea. Honestly this is the best of a bad situation, the confession and thus her leading them to Elizabeth's body (fruit of the poisonous tree) was thrown out of court, which sent a major blow to the prosecution. All this obviously stems for bad FBI/Police/Juvenile work. They are the ones who caused the problems with the case and thus wholly shoulder the responsibility of this plea bargain

Also "tryingtounderstand" the whole point of a trial is to prove guilt/innocence, nothing has been proven yet. People ignorant of the legal system should not insult it.