malmo 5 years ago on Both sides of Jefferson City trash issue waging campaign

I live right on the edge of town near Tanner Bridge Road. You can literally throw a rock from my house to neighbors that are served by the current city trash collection. I pay $25 for one receptacle, once a week. Be careful for what you wish for...............


malmo 5 years ago on Council candidate admits misdemeanor offense in 2006

I don't think the News Tribune needs a candidate to point out an opposing candidate's criminal record.

Out of curiosity, I just searched Casenet and found Wood's C & I in 2004, his Expired Plates Ticket in 2008 and his False Impersonation Law Enforcement Officer charge in 2006. You know, everyone can access that site.......

I also "Casenet'ed" Weber, didn't find anything.

Wood's supporters can scream indignity, but politics are only negative when they hurt their own candidate. Truth is the best defense (or offense).............


malmo 5 years, 1 month ago on 179 to close when work begins around July

Don't blame the city if you speed........ take responsibility for your own actions.


malmo 5 years, 3 months ago on Hartsfield's use of office raises questions

I'm not a member but I have donate an auction gift worth $400 - $500 every year for the big ritz fundraiser.

I didn't do it to keep Hartsfield in a car and office........ will not do it again.