malmark 5 years, 3 months ago on MoDOT sets Thursday public hearing for U.S. 54 intersection improvements

it is true there are plenty of distractions but I still can't believe you can just pull out on a highway in front of cars doing in excess of 55mph in this country and then crossover the other side of the highway through the median, insane! Good engineering definitely plays its part.


malmark 5 years, 3 months ago on Negotiations break down; Mediacom drops KOMU from lineup

@techfan I believe Mediacom makes a profit from redistributing the signals on their network, why shouldn't KOMU and the like be compensated for providing their broadcast material? Furthermore it looks like Mediacom has been happy to compensate them up to now with non-cash benefits, it is not a question of whether they should be compensated or not. They just don't want to part with their cash. By the way, I have to dig Mediacom for trying to smear KOMU and the like for being 'taxpayer funded stations'. Mediacom you suck.


malmark 5 years, 4 months ago on States get bonuses for boosting enrollment for uninsured children in Medicaid

Folks, it looks like the majority of these bonuses are paid out to states who increased the level of participation in the state programs that are already there. All these kids are already eligible for many of these programs but they have not been enrolled for whatever reason, most likely because they have slipped through the net or whoever is responsible for them has not enrolled them. All the governemnt is doing is commending the states that have made an effort to enroll these kids in the existing programs. True there were some extra provisions and extra funding thrown in to CHIPRA to help cover more children but it's still up to the individual states and the people responsible for these children to help get the kids who are eligible covered.