maccve 4 years, 2 months ago on Hayselton development plan advances

Petunia, while it is pretty much a mute point now since the developer's have now withdrawn their proposal, I will still answer your questions...

  1. The west main street entrance would not work because it would be extremely expensive to construct for the low volume single family houses that were proposed. The West Main street entrance was originally proposed to allow access for two 5 story condominium buildings. Unfortunately, steel prices shot up and there did not seem to be a big enough market and the developers had to discontinue the plans for the West Main Street entrance.

  2. The original plan was for the two 5 story condominiums and the developers knew that the traffic generated from that would be too intense to access from Hayselton, which is why there was a proposed access from West Main. It was then put on hold for about 5 years while the developers looked at other was finally decided that a development comparable to the existing neighborhood would allow for the much more desirable access to Hayselton, unfortunately the residents did not feel the same...

Many people seem to think that the proposed entrance onto West Main was for the same type of development as the entrance onto Hayselton...that is grossly incorrect...the West Main Entrance was for a 40 unit condominium development and the Hayselton Drive Entrance was for a 15 lot subdivision.