Michael Dillard

m2thadsr 3 years, 3 months ago on Black Caucus to hold MLK celebration

When we can look at the sentencing of missourians in the court and white people and black people get the same sentences and not the drastic differences that we see still today as well as racial profiling which is extremely hig in this state. We will need and have the black caucus and there is no white caucus because the whole legislature except the black caucus is the white caucus. Call it Racist, seperation or whatever you want but if the white people had given the black people the equal; treatment that they deserve there would be no need for a black caucus or NAACP or any other organization that stand for the rights of a particular group of people.


m2thadsr 4 years, 8 months ago on Educators, lawmaker consider ‘tweaks’ to new school safety law

I guess students don't need afterschool help with homework, tutoring, none of that. "LEARN IT AT SCHOOL GOT A PROBLEM WITH YOUR HOMEWORK TOO BAD TAKE THE F FOR NOT FINISHING IT SINCE YOU CAN'T GET HELP FROM YOUR TEACHER." When I was in school we had the teachers home numbers if we had a problem or didn't understand something they could help. Now you just get an F or INC for incomplete and people wonder why kids don't want to stay in school. Thes over reactionary laws are killing the spirit of teachers that want to help and the spirit of students who just want to be sure that they are doing schoolwork right.

But if this is the case then we shouldn't here anymore stories about children being suspended for things that are said or posted on social media sites because that would mean that the teacher or administrator was on that childs page which in turn is against the law now!!!!!!


m2thadsr 4 years, 8 months ago on St. Louis suburb to add mobile speed camera

This will be overturned in court because of the ticket mailing unless they can prove who was driving the car then it denies due process.


m2thadsr 4 years, 8 months ago on Mo. teachers group sues over social networking law

"Cunningham says the measure only bars private communication." then that is what the law should of been written to say not all of the vagueness that is written in it.!


m2thadsr 4 years, 8 months ago on Are military pensions too 'generous'?

@3blindmice 100% agree with you. It can't be that hard to keep when the article said less than 1% of the population joins the military and only 17% of that 1% stays in for 20 years.


m2thadsr 4 years, 8 months ago on Blacks protest Confederate flags at Ga. cemetery

As i have said before everytime an article like this gets printed the inner racism in people just oozes out like they can't control it. IT IS ALL IGNORANCE. I understand the protest but as a biracial person ( black & white). If the southern people want to put a confederate flag in the cemetery to fly and represent what their ancestors fought for so be it. Get the #$%& over it and let them. That is what makes this country so great is our freedoms. This falls under freedom of speech and that should be the end of it.

If you were born here your not any color first. FIRST U R AN AMERICAN!!!!


m2thadsr 4 years, 9 months ago on Conservatives warn 2012 field on debt deal

you cannot tell graceful anything! She knows it all but when all is said and done. Nobody has anything to say about all of bush's unfunded projects or the fact that when he was in office he create over 7 trillion in debt (from the CBO) and Obama created 1.7 trillion in debt but Obama is the bad guy. No problems raising debt ceiling then but it is a problem now and how are the conservatives and republicans helping anything when they are not doing or passing anything. They already said and I quote "THE GOAL OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN THIS SESSION IS TO MAKE SURE OBAMA IS A ONE TERM PRESIDENT" Now anybody that has a half of a brain knows that is not the way to get out of a recession by just letting everything fall apart and then turning around and saying oh its his fault. In 2012 the democrats will once again take control of congress and the White house due to the irresponsible republicans and the domestic teahadists that just want to hold this country hostage like the jihadists do overseas. Throw all of the politicians out of office from the white house on down and start with fresh faces and get rid of the lobbyists and overturn that stupid a@% ruling allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to corrupt our govt like they are doing now.