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lovemyboys 5 years, 2 months ago on Snow cleanup brings blizzard of expenses

Sillyrabbit...you don't get it...they have no choice to stay home or they lose their jobs. My husband (and others) get "mandatoried"...that means they can't say no.

Question, so if you're out shoveling 18" of snow and you start having chest pains, you're okay with the fire/ambulance people just staying home? You have zero idea of how hard they bust their tails to get to people...not because of the money or the glory, but because they care and they love their jobs. You think crime stops because it's slow? Or fires don't happen? You want your sick relative in the hospital to be taken care of by a nurse that's been on her feet for 48 hours?

Non essential jobs...yes, stay home. I agree on that. But, some services are essential.


lovemyboys 5 years, 2 months ago on Snow cleanup brings blizzard of expenses

Sillyrabbit: Some people's job are very important. Nurses, doctors, other hospital staff, firemen, police, etc. I stayed home and off the roads...my job is not that important. But, my husband is a fireman and had to get to work...he also had to stay and work overtime because his shift replacement couldn't get there. Try getting an ambulance or fire truck to someone's house in a blizzard or 18 inches of snow, that needs medical attention...they have chains on the trucks, ambulances, and police cars but were still sliding. Then, they have to go out and dig out fire hydrants behind 2 & 3 foot drifts of snow. If there is a house fire, and they can't find the fire hydrant, that's serious.

I agree that many jobs are not important enough to risk life and limb for, but there are some that MUST work to protect and serve the community.


lovemyboys 5 years, 2 months ago on City to begin process to annex two hotel properties

You all do realize that when you travel to other cities/towns and pay for a hotel room, the taxes you pay directly benefits that City in some way? Last summer, my family went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and paid taxes out the whazoo...even sales tax and gas prices are much higher there. This summer, we have a hotel room booked in Council Bluffs, Iowa and the taxes there are $46 dollars for 3 nights. That's 12%. Jeff City is very cheap..too cheap when compared to other areas.

It's unlikely this increase will affect very many of you directly...I don't make it a habit to stay in a hotel in my own hometown, do you? You all want Jeff City to improve itself and then when it tries to, you complain. Run for City council and make your voices heard...vote...don't just sit on the sidelines and play Monday morning quarterback.


lovemyboys 5 years, 3 months ago on North Callaway student killed in bus accident

Poor baby! This just makes me sick...for his parents and family members and for the bus driver. What a tragedy!

My prayers to all involved and for little Hunter...God Speed little one!


lovemyboys 5 years, 3 months ago on UPDATE: Gov. Nixon involved in traffic accident

Seat belts save lives..there is no doubt about that...ask any paramedic, cop, or fireman how many people they run on that would not be six feet under if they had just buckled up. And, it does not save you in every circumstance, true...you get hit by an 18 wheeler, it probably isn't going to matter, but in rollovers and front and rear collisions with similar size vehicles, it makes a difference.

If everyone in the same vehicle doesn't wear the seatbelt, that is dangerous as well. The person NOT buckled in can become like a torpedo or a pinball ball in the vehicle injuring and even killing th other passengers even if they are buckled in.

Frankly, if people don't want to wear them, I don't care...it's their own stupidity...but if you ride in my vehicle, everyone wears it or they don't ride. Period.


lovemyboys 5 years, 3 months ago on Jefferson City woman faces rape charges

I've read all the comments. The fact is she had sex with minors...it's rape even if the minor didn't necessarily object...because they are underage...Period. That is the law.

Now, think about this...what if this was your son? I have 3 young boys and I guarantee I would be flaming mad if someone did this to my teenage son! They'd have to peel me off of her (mama bear would be wanting a piece of that cougar)... even if my son knew it was wrong...drugs and alcohol make people do stupid things all the time. I would be upset with my son too, but moreso with her as she is the adult and definitely knew better.

Rape by women is not as common which is why all the uproar, but it does happen. You can't have a "double standard"...if it's wrong for girls, it's equally wrong for boys.


lovemyboys 5 years, 4 months ago on OUR OPINION: Students stumble over military entrance exams

Joe: this article implies this is a Nationwide trend, not just a Jeff City problem. IQ does not equal Common Sense. I'm a graduate of LU...I had some outstanding professors (highly intelligent) and I worked my butt off for my degrees. I'm also a graduate of JCHS (had some outstanding teachers there too). Sure, not everyone is on honor roll or graduates with honors, but that's everywhere. It's all in how you apply yourself and how important education is to the parents as well as the children. Parents are a child's first teacher and role model...without support at home, kids will fail to perform no matter how good the schools are/aren't.


lovemyboys 5 years, 4 months ago on Trend has brides destroying dress for priceless photos

Can't she just take it to a cleaners and have it cleaned and boxed up? That's what I did...grant it, it wasn't this dirty, but wedding gowns get dirty (esp at the bottom)...I took mine to Quality Cleaners and had it sealed in an airtight box for safe keeping. It cost us quite a bit more to have it sealed, but I wanted to preserve it for future daughters/granddaughters that may want to wear it.

I'm going to have to wait for granddaughters....God gave me 3 beautiful boys and I don't think they'll be interested. LOL!


lovemyboys 5 years, 4 months ago on Award honors perennial holiday decorator

We love this and take the kids every year....we spend one or two evenings just driving around with hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights. The kids really enjoy it and this stop is their favorite!