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2 people shot in JC December 22, 2014


linoge 1 year, 11 months ago on Mo. House panel rejects office smoking ban

It's hard to look like a person who is capable of making intelligent decisions when you have a burning cigarette in your mouth. You may be a taxpaying citizen, you may have civil rights galore which need defending, you may even have excuses for your aberrant behavior which actually make sense to you, but you do not look like someone who is capable of making intelligent decisions for yourself or for anyone else. What you mostly look like is a punk kid who needs to grow up.


linoge 1 year, 11 months ago on SW Missouri summit takes on cattle rustling problem

I certainly hope that these cattle thieves are caught and prosecuted. In the old days, I believe they hanged these so-called rustlers on the spot. Today we have a legal system where thieves are afforded due process under the law. Today we also have the technology to track nearly every head of cattle from calving all the way up to the slaughter house. If I'm not mistaken, the Agriculture Dept. wanted to implement a plan like this to counteract the "mad cow" disease several years ago. Man, the livestock producers objected loudly to that idea! Why? Why wouldn't our livestock producers want their investments protected in this nearly foolproof way? One explanation is that if ALL the cattle were counted and monitored, the producers would have to pay income tax on ALL their livestock. They would no longer be able to swing those little "sweetheart deals" where they report calves as being dead or missing and then sell them for cash. Again, the technology almost certainly exists to make this problem go away. The catch is in getting everyone to participate.


linoge 1 year, 11 months ago on Nixon calls for lengthening Mo. school year

I think our current school year pattern is based on an older, more agrarian society. Back when many families lived on farms, it made sense to send the children to school during the winter months and let them off during those months when crops were planted, tended and harvested. Today it makes more sense to send them to school all year round. I doubt if they will actually learn more. Our public schools have become little more than day care centers where the children watch a lot of TV and are given passing grades even when they can barely read or do math in their heads. They aren't even taught to sign their names in cursive anymore. The least we can demand from our "educators" is that their overpriced day care centers be kept open year round to help families where both parents are working.


linoge 1 year, 11 months ago on Linn man charged after Osage County drug bust

I heard they were getting a new Sheriff in Osage County. Looks like Dixon is a "man-about-his-business." In other words, he plans on doing his job. Please keep up the good work Sheriff Dixon. As I recall, you were elected by popular vote.


linoge 1 year, 11 months ago on Analysis: GOP marks 10 years atop Legislature

Oh brother! He had to lie diagonally on the floor if he needed a nap? Poor thing, what if he had a "real job" where they fire you just for sitting down? Oh well, I suppose rank has its privileges. Now that the U.S. is a leading producer of petrochemicals, by some accounts equaling the output of many Arab nations, could you lovely Republicans please take back your taxpayer subsidized ethanol? I'm not saying squash the industry, I'm just saying let the Blunt family peddle their corn squeezings on the free market and see if they can survive in a true capitalist setting. That's what Republicans are all about, aren't they?


linoge 2 years ago on Our Opinion: Influential twist in gun-control debate

When the Central Communist Government began taking over Eastern bloc nations, the very first thing they did was take away the people's guns. They went town-to-town and house-to-house. At about the same time they began building the Berlin Wall, not to keep Westerners out, but to keep their own people in. This is a history lesson we should pay attention to.


linoge 2 years ago on Shooting renews argument over video-game violence

There is plenty of evidence to support the correlation between violent video games and violent behaviors in adolescents. The difference between the games and real-life is, of course, that in real life you cannot simply hit the reset button.


linoge 2 years ago on Local developer has purchased JC mall

Wow, I didn't know that place was still there. Do people still shop there and if they do, what do they buy?