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Clayton police: Missouri auditor died of self-inflicted gunshot February 26, 2015


linoge 2 years ago on City officials react to St. Mary’s announcement

Thank you for your accurate comment. No other town in the midwestern United States has a ridiculous outlay such as our tri-level. The only reason we have that awkward sructure in the first place is because St. Mary's Hospital was such a "sacred cow" to the Catholic power structure in this town. Common sense would dictate that the old hospital be removed along with the crackhead neighborhood behind it. The tri-level is hazardous, confusing and it creates a bottleneck to traffic and commerce.


linoge 2 years ago on Waitress fired for posting customer comment online

Let's go back to the original question being asked by the "Church Pastor." She is obviously complaining about the cost of the tip but at the same time is asking the waitress to explain the difference between tithing and tipping. The practice of tithing can be traced back to ancient times and is a principle of Jewish law (Book of Genesis 14:18-20; Numbers 18:31; Deuteronomy 14:22-28 and so on). Many people today, including myself, do not tithe a full 10 percent but I do donate money to my Church. I also volunteer my time and other resources. I have yet to file for a tax exemption on my donations. I give it freely and with a good heart knowing that my Church needs my support and that the money goes to fulfill a mission which I heartily believe in (I try to maintain a similar outlook when paying my income taxes but I still need some work in that area). My point here is that a tithe should be given as a celebration of all the material blesssings that have bestowed upon me by the One who presides over us all. Comparing a tip with a tithe clouds the issue and the issue seems to be that this "Pastor" is a cheapskate who whines about having to pay for services provided in the restaurant. Worse, she seeks to appear just and righteous in her indignation. If the cost of dining out seems too expensive, why not entertain your friends at home? How much does that cost and who does the dishes? In this case, the waitress does not the set the tip anyway, Applebees does. I have read articles which state that when the gratuity is paid through credit/debit card or automatically added on by the establishment, the wait staff never see it. The mangement usually keeps the money. That is why I always tip in cash. I often press the money directly into the waiter's hand: I want them to have it. The "Pastor" is in the wrong here and should be embarassed. Applebees is also in the wrong for firing their employee. Deutronomy 24:14-15 "You shall not defraud a poor and needy hired servant whether he be one of your own countrymen or one of the aliens who lives in your communities. You shall pay him each day's wages before sundown on the day itself since he is poor and looks forward to them. Otherwise he will cry out to the Lord against you, and you will be held guilty." Hey, if I can figure out these Biblical verses, surely a "Pastor" should also be able to see this and do the honorable thing.


linoge 2 years, 1 month ago on Kehoe proposes utility surcharge changes

I intuitively knew this would smell fishy before I even read the article. My suspicions were roused when I saw Kehoe's name in the headline. I'm not sure if Kehoe is a Democrat or a Republican but from the way he panders to the interests of big business (and at the expense of common people) I would guess he follows the Republican doctrine. Refresh my memory, wasn't he some kind of used-car salesman before he entered politics?


linoge 2 years, 1 month ago on Drought cited in Mo. ethanol production suspension

Let's throw the whole ethanol thing out the window. It has never been self-supporting in a free market system and the only reason it became law is because our then Republican Governor wanted to increase his family's fortune at taxpayer's expense. Well wait a minute, that wasn't the only reason. We were also fighting terrorism. Remember? We had to cut our dependence on foreign oil and if we failed to do so, Osama bin Laden would soon be marching down Main Street USA. Ethanol production would solve a big part of our energy problem and prevent "those Arabs" from forcing our children to learn Arabic in kindergarten. Now that the United States is ahead in crude oil production, let's change the law and let the ethanol producers sink or swim. If they can spin straw into gold without a taxpayer subsidy, then by all means let them have at it. Otherwise, if I have to spend over $3.00 per gallon for gasoline, at least let me buy real gas.


linoge 2 years, 1 month ago on 1-cent sales tax proposed for Mo. transportation

Perhaps a full cent increase is too much. It might be better to ask for a 1/4 or 1/2 cent increase at first and then show the people what they are getting for their money. Also, there has been a lot of talk lately about the consequences of slashing the mental health budget. Historically this has always been one of the first areas to be cut. Maybe we should look at cutting back on the taxes that are funneled into the state's conservation programs. I think conservation programs are great but during lean times, every area should be asked to cut back. Besides, our conservation department has become top heavy with big shots and their field agents have become arrogant bullies. Whatever plan they come up with to maintain our highways, let's stay away from toll roads. Toll roads are always sold to the public as a way of neatly sidestepping our tax obligations. In the long run, they end up being costly boondoggles that have to be rescued with taxpayer funding anyway. No easy answers.


linoge 2 years, 1 month ago on Mo. Highway Patrol purchases new $5.6M plane

"The Highway Patrol has a funding source." We all know how annoyed policemen become when they are reminded of where their paycheck comes from. It is considered rude and can even be dangerous to remind Patrol staff that their "funding source" is the taxpayer's wallet.


linoge 2 years, 1 month ago on Advocates push idea of requiring gun insurance

This is a crock. We all know how insurance policies work: Your insurance policy covers everything except what happens.