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lesbimom 2 years, 9 months ago

It is easy to imagine that gas chambers would be a very humane way to euthanize animals. Unfortunately the truth is that they often gas multiple animals at a time. As they slowly suffocate they do what natures tells them and they attack each other, brutally ripping at each other in a desperate search for any air. This is NO WAY to euthanize (which means to kill HUMANELY). It is only the cheapest and most expedient way, which is no way for us to treat other living creatures. Remember, these are someone's former or current pet that ran away or had to be left due to a job loss. This is your dog if it gets away from you and an animal control takes it in and you don't make it within the hold time to pick up your dog. Would you want this to be the way you would want him or her to go? We are better than this. Educate yourself. Go to youtube and look up euthanasia by gas chamber. If you cannot watch it, you shouldn't allow it to happen.


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