laker13 4 years, 4 months ago on What would it take to get ___ to come to town?

Who are you intelligent, thoughtful people? I moved here a couple of years ago for a state job (I was desperate for insurance). This is the most intelligent discussion I have seen of the problems of this area. The convention center idea is nothing but hubris. WHY would ANYONE want to book JC for a convention? I have some experience in this business, and can tell you, this is one of the last places in the state I would book. Fine, diverse dining? Nope. Entertainment? Nothing for the convention crowd that I can see. Resort-style accomodations? Nope again. Great shopping. I think not. Activities or cultural attractions, such as museums? Well, there is the Capitol. Good transportation connections? If it is simply a state based convention, o.k. We've got 4-lane highways. And agreed, if Hammons thought a convention center would make money here, he would have done so. If I were a young person, I would get out of here as fast as I could. This area is depressing to me, and I am old. I suspect when the economy turns around, the exodus of educated, younger state employees is going to be huge, and all the state employees that can retire, will do so ASAP. No more hanging onto a job out of desperation. Perhaps if those things happen, the state will have no choice but to begin paying its employees a fair salary to hire and retain decent workers. Or maybe they'll just keep hiring their relatives......