Kyle Bopp

ktbjcmo 5 years, 1 month ago on Mo. lawmakers call for end to teacher tenure

So what are we going to do with the parents that do not support or teach their children? The students are only as good as what the support that they are getting from home. No matter what the teacher does, sometimes a student cannot or does not want to be reached out too. The problem is not with all of the teachers, not to say that there are not some, but do not punish the lot for bad parents and a few bad teachers. If this legislation passes there will be a great downfall. Teachers do not make enough as it is and this is just another slap in the face. Rep. Scott Dieckhaus why don't you go into the classroom for 24k a year and see how much effort you want to give. Many of these teachers are forced to get there masters degrees and continue their education just to have the opportunity to make a decent wage. Don't mess this up, let the ones go that need to be let go, make the changes where they need to be changed, and be done with it.