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kcwj1978 4 years, 2 months ago

News Tribune.....How dare you post an article like that the day after sentencing. Where is your heart and compassion for all families involved? In a comment from the Olten family "It's time to move on and remember Elizabeth"...but NO you have to go and post this article about where the monster will go next. WHO CARES. I am pretty sure that we all know that she will go to prison....eat the food that we pay for...drink the water that we pay for...watch TV with the electricity that we pay for.....I dont want to pay for anything for that girl. I would rather waste my money on something else. Why dont she just save us all a favor and die. She took away my daughters best friend and a beautiful little girl from her family. I know that their will be people that say that I'm mean and heartless but unless you have been there from the beginnig and have known Elizabeth for years...U have NO clue what this community is missing out on....She was so beautiful..a smile that could make your heart melt. I will stand behind Patty and the rest of the family for the rest of my life...


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