Kevin Corbley

kc911foryou 4 years, 2 months ago on Kehoe introduces early nuclear plant permit bill

These certainly are NOT the actions of the Mike Kehoe I knew as a community advocate and good neighbor. If this bill passes I will never vote for Mike again. He's run multiple businesses and had shown in the past that he understood good business practices.

If you build it they will come--Maybe! I liked the analogy of the Ipod and how we paid for the R&D on that product. That's part of the process. And only those who chose to buy the product paid the R&D fees that are built in to the product.

Coming up with the capital to build a new facility, or any other improvement, is up to the investors not the potential customers. People who would pay now and then move away from the area lose whatever they paid if the plant isn't online in time for them to benefit from it. And in the mean time our dollars are drawing interest in Ameren's account. Will that interest be returned as well as the principal if the facility is not built? I doubt it.

Ameren needs to run it's business like an independant corporation, not by changing state law to benefit their enterprise. Withdraw the bill Sen. Kehoe!


kc911foryou 4 years, 2 months ago on Southern Baptist leaders OK ‘Great Commission’

The name change is the least of my concerns in this article. I find the photograph disconcerting. A huge, expensive building with an obviously expensive art structure in front of the building housing the offices of a not-for-profit organization. How many homes could Habitat for Humanity build with the excesses of this structure? How many people could be fed with what they spent on this facility and that art structure in front of it?

I am not just directing this to this one church or churches in general; although other denominations spend millions of dollars on their worship facilities and other properties. I direct this to any organization whose mission is charitable under the law. If it's big, fancy, expensive and you, as a charity, build it then whatever it is should be directly tied to the function of your mission.

Charitable hospitals have large pieces of expensive equipment that they are proud of. But those pieces of equipment are directly tied to patient care.

To sum it up for you, if you are a charity under the law, spend your money on your mission, NOT on your ornate buildings and art work.


kc911foryou 4 years, 2 months ago on Zoning map proposed for annexation area

Oh, they'll find a place or two, JCsleeper. They have fallen in love with them.


kc911foryou 4 years, 3 months ago on Reporter's account: Security tight, questions to Bustamante direct

This action sent a shock wave through all the interested community. The reduced charges allow for parole depending on the sentence Judge Joyce imposes. If this case follows as many other cases have done, this convicted felon could get credit for time served and be walking our streets again earlier than any of us would care to think. The only up side to this as far as I can see is that we don't have to pay for a trial and we can stop paying her public defender. Once she is in DOC then she can start paying back the state for all of those charges.

I hope the juvenile officer who blew any shot at a capital murder charge by acting inappropriately has been fired.


kc911foryou 4 years, 4 months ago on Kids, cops enjoy special buying spree during Operation TOYS

WOW said it very well. I know someone who rolls out every year to do this project. He has done it for years. He tells me there is a great feeling in doing this project. It is his favorite public service project of the year.

God bless all the emergency personnel who made this happen.

Stay Safe!


kc911foryou 4 years, 8 months ago on Jefferson City man sorry he waited for Honor Flight

Petunia there are several people that have come together to make this Honor Flight happen. I know one of them and am not surprised that her enthusiasm is shared by all that make this happen. A true patriot and public servant this program rests deeply in her heart.

So to the many that make this happen. Thank you! And may God bless you all.


kc911foryou 4 years, 9 months ago on Council extends term of interim city administrator

Mr. Nickolaus has been in the administrators position for quite some time now. The council just added another year and a half to that. Common sense would tell you that if the man is going to be in that position for that length of time the council should just appoint him. Having an attorney with municipal government credentials as your city administrator is a bonus. Then, I believe, the assistant city attorney should be appointed to the city attorney position. Isn't that the way the city is functioning now?

Perhaps, if the council does this, we would not need to fill the assistant city attorney position since we would already have two attorneys on the senior staff. That would save us money in salary and benefits. If more help is needed in the legal department the city could consider hiring a paralegal to work with the city attorney for far less money. That sounds like a winning combination.


kc911foryou 4 years, 10 months ago on Safety panel: Five fire stations need improvements

What happened to the money the city collected in a sales tax when they were pursuing the idea of running the local ambulance service? I never hear about that money anymore. The ordinance allowed it to be spent on "public Safety" items. Where is it? The last suggestion I heard was a very long time ago where the city would use the money to move fire station three to 179/Rockhill Rd. and include facilities to accomodate a county EMS crew at that new site. It was a very forward thinking use of the money. What happened to that idea?


kc911foryou 4 years, 10 months ago on JC man charged with resisting arrest, assault

I'll enjoy a little snicker over the picture question. I don't know what online paper he thinks he is reading but it sure isn't the one Rick Brown edits. He's fair and equal to all; no matter where you live. I'm having a good laugh on this one.


kc911foryou 4 years, 10 months ago on Mo. Supreme Court upholds Helmig release

One court overturned the conviction and the Supreme Court denied an appeal to that decision. I'd say that is enough judges pouring through the case to make a final decision. I agree with gofish. Mr. Koster move on.