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justathought 5 years, 5 months ago

Let me see. 14 lots x $100,000 = way too much for this white- and blue-collar neighborhood. Then let's talk about the cost of the half million dollar houses. Not affordable in this economy by any means. But the developers and city must address the proposed new street that would empty onto a hairpin curve of Hayselton, which is in a high-density neighborhood. Because then the city probably will get involved, eliminating both-side parking on East Circle, which already is unsafe. Heavy construction/utility trucks would be rumbling through for months on end to build infrastructure and then homes. Once it ends, what are the benefits to the city? A bit more property taxes? What are the benefits to all those residents on Hayselton, the Circles, Beverly, Boonville, Paddlewheel, Ware, Riverwood, Lavinia? Well-heeled homeowners, new to the 'hood, would be setting new rules for longtime neighbors who have maintained and improved their properties over the years only to have neighborhood outsiders reap the benefits.


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